Thanks you for stopping by this Tiens review. I just heard this breaking news about the closing of the company branch in the US and Canada, so I have decided to make this Tiens Review for all the people that are looking for information about this company. You might be a current distributor for the company trying to understand whether it is a good decision for you to continue working with it, or that you have just heard about this company and you come to look for some information about this company in the internet. By the end of this Tiens Review you will know how you can protect yourself from such a thing happening to you, no matter if you are currently a Tiens distributor, or if you are considering to join it (or any other network marketing company).

Tiens Review – Company summary

Tiens (also known as Tianshi Health Products), originally from China, is a global company that is operating in the mainly in the Health and Wellness industry since 1995. It is listed in the Nasdaq since 2003, and in the Amex since 2005. This company had, up until now, a proven record of success in over 190 countries worldwide, and more than 11000 distributors in US and Canada alone. Not a lot of companies survive 15 years, and those that do, are doing something right. This usually means that the products, the business opportunity, the management and the leadership team in the company are working together effectively to the benefit of the company and its distributors. Still, it is not pleasant to see the following message:
tiens review

Official message announcing the closing of Tiens US & Canada branch (28/12/2011)


As a proud network marketer it always makes me sad to hear that any company is in trouble. In most cases it means that some new people could be hurt from the networking company model, because they haven’t been able to achieve the success that they had expected. This means new people that will say that “mlm doesn’t work” “mlm is a scam” “mlm is a pyramid scheme”. They tell it to their friends & family, enlarging the circle of opposition against the network marketing industry, giving the whole industry an even more, unjustified, bad name. Why unjustified? Because people fail, or refuse to see, the network marketing as what it is: a business model. A business model which allows each person to build his own small home business, at his spare time, with low money investment, and with support which is inherited in the network marketing business model.  This is because the network marketing there is a “win-win” situation: You benefit from the success of people that join and build the business with you.

Tiens review and how what you can benefit from it

As a network marketer, you need to learn that even the best company in the world can stop working one day without prior warning. So how do you prepare for that? You brand yourself and not your company or your company product. This way people join you because they trust you and your leadership. And if something bad happens, such as a closure of the company in your country, you can quickly find a new company and all your followers will follow your decision. So if there is one thing that you should learn from this Tiens Review is that branding yourself through attraction marketing is very important for your business. People that are attracted to you will stay with you even in the worst of times!

Tiens review – what is your next step?

So the conclusion of my Tiens review is that if you want success in any network marketing company you need to find the right company and the right team that will help you achieve your goals. You need someone to teach you how to find the right company, with the right timing, get into the right team that can teach you how to market both offline, and even more importantly these days, also online, using attraction marketing techniques that will allow you to brand yourself as a leader. To make the 5 & 6 Figure monthly incomes you’ve been reading about, in Tiens  or in any other company, you are going to have to market your business like a professional. To help, I’ve prepared a special report:  


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