A lot of people think that it takes forever to start an online business. In this post you are going to see how ridiculously easy  it is once you do the right operations. I must admit that I was one of those who took my time in building my online business. In my opinion I tend to think too much before I make any decision, checking and rechecking my risk to reward ratio dozen of times, and I only act when I strongly believe that things will go my way.

lead generationIf you don’t have an autoresponder, go get one now

This is why when I started building my business, I focused on free marketing. I mean, what risk do you have when you pay zero dollars on your marketing, right? You can get results with free marketing. All you need is consistency and knowledge of “what is working now”. The only drawback is that it will take time. I have already shared with you in the post “building wealth online” that the first tool that every internet marketer needs is an autoresponder. It still amazes me to hear from people that are promoting programs online that they don’t have one.  Building your own subscribers list is an asset that if you use well will generate you money. So if you don’t have an auto responder, go get one.  

The fast way to build a subscriber’s list

Ok, so now you have an autoresponder and you want to start building your list. How do you do that? The slow way is to build a blog like this one, write a lot of posts, give a really compelling offer that people just can’t resist the urge to give you their permission to send email to their inbox. There are some programs (Empower Network for example) that will allow you to connect your own autoresponder to their system, so when you promote the program you will also build your own list. Then you can use free marketing methods (such as safelist marketing) to promote the program. The faster way is paid advertising. This is exactly what I did to generate 247 double opt-in leads, and it only took me 1 hour of work to set it all up:     In order to generate leads, you will need:
  1. An autoresponder
  2. A program that allows you to integrate the autoresponder to its landing page.
  3. A good place to advertise.
I recommend that you use Aweber, because it is a professional autoresponder, and because most (if not all) of the lead generation programs support it. Network Marketing VT is a good program because it offers a lot of value to its members even when they join for free, and you can connect your aweber to a pre-made email campaign to send to your list. For the advertising, I used a site called eimimo.com, which is a a safelist membership site with the profit sharing model. You can signup to eimimo for free and earn money from watching other people ads. The profit sharing aspect of the compensation plan is responsible for why the site has grown so fast (97,000 members in 3 months!). So people join eimimo to earn money while watching advertisements. I admit that I didn’t even check the business opportunity, since I was more interested about the special advertising promotion that allowed me to send an email to every member in the program with a link to my landing page, at half the of the normal cost. The email that I sent has generated me 247 leads for $180 dollars. It has also put me in the leaderboard of Network Marketing VT for the week, because a large percentage of the leads actually opened an account in the program:   Hezi Hershkovitz Network Marketing VT leaderboards In the internet it is all about statistics, and paying less than $1 per lead is honestly a pretty good deal. To get to 247 double opt-in leads with free marketing can take you months and a lot of efforts and frustrations. by the way, double opt-in leads means that these leads confirmed the subscription to the mailing list in their inbox, so it is now completely legal for me to send them emails from now on with whatever other offer, product or service. In the long run, the value of each lead to me can be much more than $1. The promotion that they offer in eimimo.com, to send almost 100K emails to every one of their members, will not be available for long, so you need to act fast. By the rate that they are growing they will probably take it off at the beginning of next week.  

How can you get the same results

I have shared with you exactly what I did to generate those 247 leads. Disclaimer: I don’t guarantee that if you duplicate my method, you will duplicate my results. Paid advertising can be risky if you don’t know what you are doing, but if you have the right knowledge and the “inside industry information” of the best places to publish your ads right now, you can save a lot of time, and literally build an online list from zero to thousands very fast and very cheap. I got the tip about the opportunity of advertising in eimimo from the team that I am inside Empower Network. We are in a constant search for low-cost advertising sources and we also do co-ops (where we split the advertising budget between several people). So in order to be “ahead of the curve” I suggest that you too join some kind of a group that will keep you updated with the hot trends in marketing, otherwise you will just be left behind and lose your money. If you enjoyed this post please comment and share   To Your success in life Hezi hezi Join me on my Facebook Page: Hezi on Facebook Follow me on Twitter:Hezi on Twitter. Skype: hezi.h

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