If you got to this post than you probably want to know what is the best mlm company. You may be considering joining a mlm company and you want to make sure that it is the best mlm company there is, or that you are already with a company and you want to make sure that you have choosen correctly. There are several important parameters to check whenever you examine a mlm company. In addition to these parameters I love checking the alexa of home page of the company, since it shows the trend, the overall average consent of people whether this is a good mlm company.
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Alexa.com tracks the growth in traffic for every site in the internet. In the photo here a graph of the #1 mlm company today.

It is also wise to do a simple check in Google to get some more information about the owners of the company to understand what kind of experience they have in the industry, since very often the reasons for a company success or failure will rely on the management team. Ask any distributor and he will tell you that he is in the best mlm opportunity: Debt free, with the best compensation plan and the best products.  

But what is exactly the best mlm compensation plan?

At the end of the day, every mlm company earn money from sales of their products, and they need to split the earnings cake between paying their distributors, continue of R&D (research and development) and giving some dividend to the owner. So if someone tells you that he is in a company that pays 85% from the revenue to the distributors, ask yourself if it is good or is it bad, because the best mlm companies always invest in future growth, so do you really want to be in a company that is very rewarding at the moment but might not be here in the future. Even when it comes to splitting the earnings between the reps there could be differences that influence your results. In some programs there are more benefits to those who sponsor a lot of people in their first generation, while in other program those who build huge teams get a bigger piece from the earning pie. In some programs you earn very nicely even at the beginning when you sponsor only one or two people, but this means that less money is available to those who have build a team. This is how it goes. The earning pie is divided between everyone. This leads to the only solution:  

It is all about what is the best mlm company for you

In your condition, in your situation, with your considerations. Even if there was such a thing as the best mlm company, you still might fail with it! This happens because even within a company there are teams that work in different methods, and the team that you are in with right now is not working in a way that will lead you to the results that you are after. It might be possible that if you had joined in a different team even within the same company, you might have got completely different results simply because the slightly different system that you were taught by the team leaders. Anthony Robbins present this idea beautifully: How a tiny change can have a huge difference in the results that you will get:   To get the results that you want, stop looking for the best mlm, and start treating it as a business instead of a hobby. What you should do is learn the required skills that are needed to succeed in this industry even if it requires a little more time, money, and effort from your side. MLM is also known as network marketing, which is a two word phrase, and within it lays the secret to success in this industry. You need to learn how to grow your social network, and you need to have the best most current marketing techniques that are working now, including how to sponsor from the interent. When I was introduced to this industry I joined a company which I thought was the best mlm company. I later found out that my friends and family didn’t share my opinion. I run out of people to talk with and I felt frustrated. I saw the potential in the business model, I saw people around me succeed in it, but I didn’t get any results myself. It was only when I was introduced to MLSP and when I started implementing online attraction marketing techniques I started seeing incredible success.   mlsp-logo Everybody knows that the internet has brought a huge opportunity to network with millions of people around the world to market your product and business to. From my experience online marketing is the best mlm strategy that you want to master, no matter what company you are in right now, or even if you are just considering joining this industry. Stop looking for the one, ultimate, best mlm company. There are many good companies out there. Just pick one that you feel comfortable with, educate yourself (or find someone that will teach you) online marketing techniques and you have a great chance to fulfill the opportunity that is in the network marketing business model.   To Your success in life Hezi hezi Join me on my Facebook Page: Hezi on Facebook Follow me on Twitter:Hezi on Twitter Connect with me on Skype: hezi.h  

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