Why would you like to put so much effort into learning attraction marketing? I will show you in this post that it is all about results. When you implement Attraction Marketing techniques in your business, you will get better results and you feel a lot better about your business. Make no mistake about it. It will take you time and effort to learn Attraction marketing, but it is definitely a skill that you can learn. However, I can honestly tell you that it will be worthwhile. I can tell you this from my own experience. You don’t know what is attraction marketing? Don’t be embaressed. Click here to learn what is attraction marketing.  

attraction marketingAttraction marketing will increase the productivity in your business

When you do marketing properly, it helps sift the prospects for you. People consume your information. And here you get the power of the internet that helps you to get your message out there in front of so many more people Attraction Marketing allows you to talk to a highly qualified prospects. Even before you say the first word on your first phone call with your prospect, you already have a good connection because your prospect knows who you are. So many times it happened to me that I had called my prospect for the first time, and at the first moment it was obvious that they still didn’t know with whom they are talking with. Their tone of voice is very protective. You can almost hear the thoughts running in their head: “Who is this guy? How did he get my number? How come he knows my name?” It is hilarious, but it is also important. The fact that you know your prospect name and have their phone number while they don’t know who you are, already puts you in control at the beginning of the initial call, proving that you have access to information. In their minds it portrays you as a leader, and this is something that people have a natural attraction to. And it amazing to hear the change in the prospect tone of voice, the second that he understand who are they speaking with. In most cases he will treat you like an old friend and 5 minutes into the conversation he will take any advice that you will give him.  

Attraction marketing will make you feel better about your business

Now compare that with chasing your family and friends. So besides increasing your results, using Attraction Marketing in your business will also give you emotional satisfaction, because you will feel more of an intelligent marketer when you will attract businesses to you. Also you will get more positive feedback from your prospect which will bring you to higher energy. This is something that not often talked about in the industry. Many times talking to prospects that aren’t qualified, which can happen many times in traditional network marketing systems, can back-fire on you, leading to negative results, which will reduce your energy level. At the end of the day this leads to bigger attrition rates in the network marketing industry, which give the industry as a whole a very bad name. And when you feel good about your business, the results will soon follow. Because if you enjoy your business, your prospect will subconsciously feel it, making it easier for them to make a decision and join you.  

Attraction Marketing has always used by top leaders in the industry

Make no mistake. Attraction Marketing has always been here. Marketers have used it in the past 15,20 even 25 years ago. Networkers knew how to attract people to them even before the internet. They used books, newspapers, classes, teleseminars, group meetings, voice broadcasts. They did whatever they could to make more people approach them, instead of needing to look actively for prospects. By the way, networkers were almost always fast at trying new technologies to help them in their business. Internet is just the latest technology that everybody are exploring now. If you are not implementing attraction marketing in your network marketing business, you are going to struggle. It doesn’t matter if you are doing online or offline strategies. The internet has made attraction marketing a lot simpler because you can literally reach millions of people all around the world with your message. The better you become at marketing, the less hard selling techniques that you will need to do in order for someone to join you.

What is attraction marketing and how you can implement it as quickly as possible

If you are not generating the results that you want in your business, it is probably because you are not using attraction marketing. If you are new to network marketing, if you don’t want the hassle of chasing family and friends, or if you run out of people to talk to about your opportunity, you have two choises: 1)      Quit. 2)      Change your strategy. If quitting the business is not an option for you, I encourage you to learn the skills that are required for online attraction marketing. Although it will take time, money and effort, I can honestly say that from my experience, it will definitely worth the bother. You can use MLSP which is what I use and in my opinion (and to my knowledge) the best online attraction marketing system.  Check it Facebook fanpage here, it has over 14000 fans, and I bet you won’t find any negative opinion about it. To your success, Hezi Hershkovitz hezi hershkovitz Join me on my Facebook Page: Hezi on Facebook Follow me on Twitter:Hezi on Twitter. Skype: hezi.h

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