join mlm“Why should I join MLM if so few people are actually getting money?”.  I get asked this question a lot, and if you got to this page it is probably because you too have doubts whether it is the right decision for you to join MLM. I will share with you from my own experience so you will understand why I love this business, yet you will know why I don’t believe that it is right for just anyone.

10 reasons to join MLM

Look through the advantages below and see what are the benefits that you might get when you decide to join MLM:   1. Part Time Income You don’t need to stop your permanent job to be an aspect of an MLM company. Therefore, you do not have to fear about placing meals on your desk while you will work on your MLM Business. This indicates that you will have plenty of time to develop your business until you arrive at a significant stage of earnings.   2. Low Initial Cost If you want to begin with a conventional traditional business, most times it will require a substantial amount of money, thousands of dollars, maybe even more, which is a huge risk. However, when you join mlm you can quickly start with just a few, sometimes even with only as low as a hundred dollars at hand.   3. Great Potential Overtime, your earnings from your network marketing business can develop significantly, if you really give your very best. Gradually, you will be able to stop your day job if you are earning enough but you need to decide with this carefully.   4. Residual Income Once you have built a powerful group, your business will develop by itself without you doing anything. You keep getting compensated while you rest, which means time independence and real freedom. What’s the use of having a lot of money, if you don’t have time to spend it?   5. Free Training If you join MLM, make sure that get into a good MLM organization that will offer you with no price training. The abilities that you will obtain could be priceless. For me, in my first company, I didn’t make any money, and I paid the autoship for a full one year. The lessons that I learned in that first year are still a major part of the success that I experience today. You can reduce everything but nobody can take your expertise away from you.   6. Increasing Your Circle In the book “Think and grow rich” Napoleon Hill identifies the power of a mastermind group as one of the key factors to achieve great wealth in life. MLM has the potential to introduce you to a lot of people and to a lot of ideas how to make money. This is exactly what happened to me. I didn’t achieve success with the first MLM company that I joined, but I owe my current success to the people I met there.   7. Supportive Environment Building my own business is one of the most difficult things that I have ever done in my life. And many people that have built a business (any business, not just MLM) agree with me. So many things can go wrong, so you need a lot of self-discipline to keep on going. When you join mlm you are part of a big organization that motivates you when you lose some drive. This is a huge “feature” that is embedded inside the MLM business model, and so many other, more conventional businesses, simply lack.   8. Product Benefits Any solid MLM company will have a variety of excellent products. When you join MLM, just by using your company’s products, you can improve your health, comfort, knowledge, etc… depending on the characteristics of the company that you have chosen.   9. Helping Others MLM is a market whereby you have to help others to be successful. The more individuals you help the more effective you become. Don’t you think it is very fulfilling? Modern studies has proven that helping others is an important ingredient for happiness in life, and when you help others in MLM it will allow you to be happy and rich. As Zig Zaglar said, “You can have everything you want in life, if you will just help other individuals get what they want.   10. Personal Development If I just sum up all the above benefits, I come up with this final advantage. You can succeed in any business if you push yourself out from your comfort zone, face new people and new ideas, learn new skills and just grow as a person. MLM is one of the best platforms that I know for personal development and financial education.  

So if it is so great, why so few people who join MLM actually make money?

The reason that most people fail miserably when they join MLM is simply because they don’t treat MLM as a business. Most people when you ask them why they failed in MLM they say that it is because the program just “didn’t work”. When you dig a little deeper, they admit that they just showed the business to 2-5 friends, and when their friends refused to join, they gave up and quit. On my first MLM company I showed the opportunity to more than 100 people. About 8 joined only to cancel in the less than a week (!!). Only one kept in the business more than a few months (but she also quit eventually). But I kept going. It took me 12 months to make my first dollar. After 24 months, I made more money in MLM than I made in my conventional day job. The secret for me was to learn the skill how to attract the people that are looking for the opportunity, mainly using the internet. And this is a skill that I know that everyone can learn. I know, because I have done it myself, and I have taught people in my team to do it as well. If you come here, it probably means that you understand that your decision to join MLM can radically change your life. The real question is not “should you join MLM”, because if you ask me, then you probably should. The question is whether you are willing to do whatever it takes to learn the skills necessary to succeed. If you serious about learning the skills, then I am ready to help. Put your details in the form below, and I will show you exactly how I and other people on my team attract people through the internet and how you can do it too.  

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