If you are in network marketing for any period of time  you’ve probably heard about  “mlm duplication”. In this post I’m going to prove to you that when your upline is using this term he is simply misleading you, and that this is very likely the reason why you can not achieve your goals and desires. In this post I’m going to kill this sacred “mlm duplication” myth of the network marketing industry, so I know I’m going to upset some people. Some of them, maybe even more experienced than I, might tell you that I am wrong. If you do everything possible to “duplicate” and you’re still not satisfied with your results, read this post and decide for yourself. Maybe it  can generate the breakthrough you are looking for.

The mlm duplication myth

mlm duplication

Sexy lady in holiday spirit. Would you say no to her?

To explain what I mean I’ll start with a short story. Someone I knew said that one day his friend called him up and invited him to meet. He did not know to where she invites him because she didn’t really tell him, but he said that this girl was so “hot” that no man in his right mind would refuse her. Eventually it turned out she invited him to a network marketing company’s presentation. Although he was surprised, he was smart enough to stay and listen. What he heard changed his life because he became very successful with that company. But did he managed to do that by “Duplicating” the method of his beautiful model friend’s invitation? Of course not! This girl based her business on her elegant feminine appearance and her sex appeal, which for him, being a male, if he’d wished to duplicate, is something that only some painful surgeries might have been able to solve … Ouch  

The “mythical” mlm duplication actually undermines the chances of your success!

One of the most beautiful things in the MLM industry is the help you get from your uplines. Especially for the newbies coming in with employee mentality this can sometimes be a real help, but what happens when your upline is new to the industry and he doesn’t really know what he is doing? Or when you are trying to duplicate a system that does not produce results?
"blind leading the blind" - from blindness jose saramago

“blind leading the blind” – from blindness jose saramago

The negative side of the “help” you get creates a situation wherein “blind are leading the blind“. When you duplicate methods that do not work, do not be surprised if you’re not successful. It may be that you failing, but you see people doing exactly what they are told to according to the “mlm duplication” system and they succeed, and it puts in an even greater frustration. How come you do exactly what you are told, exactly what other people do, and they get positive results while you get negative results! The reason is that there is something that you miss, and it is not your fault. The other person that succeed has something special. It can be a charismatic personality, set of tools or techniques, a unique story that people relates to, or magnetic energy. When you look at all the network marketing success stories you can notice that all the successful people have something “special” and “unique” about them. They are not like everyone else. So if the mlm duplication is a lie, is there no hope?  

MLM duplication does not work, but this does …

Before I show you the solution, watch the following video: This video is part of an amazing series called “Everything is a Remix“. I recommend that you watch all of the 4 parts because your key to success is explained in these videos. The series argues that there is almost nothing “creative” is created in the world today. New phenomenons are evolution of old ones, with adjustments and improvements. The series is demonstrating this concept in today’s music, movies, TV and  basically everything that we consider to be “creative.” Internet culture calls it a meme. You know, jokes about Check Norris (Chuck Norris counted to infinity – twice), or the millions versions of PSY song Gangnam Style. MLM duplication will not create you a success, but meme will. It is a meme because everyone is unique. You have your own sources, so your success will necessarily be different from the success of any one person who has ever been in network marketing. Your story is going to be unique, not the duplication of the success of anyone else!  

Meme your way to mlm success

How do you take this understanding and create your own success? If your Upline tells you to follow a simple mlm duplication system, that for some reason does not work for you, stop doing it, and look for a different path. There are dozens of ideas that work for other people in the world (I recommend that you check MLSP for some great ways to build your business). I have found out the truth about the “mlm duplication ” when I started network marketing with a team that work with traditional methods, presentations and hotel meetings, pursuing family and friends until they were no longer answering my phone calls. After two months of this giving all I have to this system, while my upline says “Internet marketing does not work”, I started using the internet to build my business, and never looked back ever since. If you check out what I’m doing you will find that I am merely a meme of others who succeeded before on the Internet. I am combining some David Wood, a little Michelle Pescosolido, a bit of Ray Higdon, bits and pieces from other marketers, and yes, some of me too. I do not know about you, but it comforts me to think that there is no need to completely reinvent the wheel. you just need to to find a wheel and change to suit you. It’s a basic rule in marketing: Always be different from your competitors. Try to understand what is the unique thing that you bring to the market, that makes you stand out from the crowd. This is what going to create your success.

Before I finish…

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