Online Marketing Strategies I’ve Learned on My First Year

If you are curious about Online marketing strategies that will allow you to build an online business from zero to almost 4 figures of passive income a week then keep reading because this post is for you. I just got an email from my domain registrar telling me that the domain has been automatically renewed for an additional year. This means that this blog is currently exactly one years old, and what a year it has been! In the last 12 months I have built my online business from zero to almost 4 figures a week, and this blog was a major part of documenting the journey. In this post I want to share with you the online marketing strategies that I have learned so you can do the same.

online marketing strategiesOnline marketing strategies return on investment

I think that the most common question that people ask me is: “Hi, I have a webpage I need to promote. What is your best suggestion?” Well, there are a lot of Online marketing strategies that I know, and you have to find what the best technique that works for you is. For all strategies, one thing that you should really evaluate all the time is you ROI (Return On Investment): If you spend $100 on Facebook PPC, and as a result you got 10 leads this means that your cost per lead is $10. If the commission you get for your product is $51, as long as you are able to close a sale for at least 1 out of 5 leads, you will be profitable on the long run. This is because 5 leads cost you $50, and the commission you get per sale is $1 more than that. So for that example, every $50 dollars that you spend on advertising, you earn $1.  

Online marketing strategies to make more money

More advertising: As long as you are profitable on your campaign, simply scale up. If you profit $1 for each $50 of advertising that you buy, go ahead and buy $100 worth of advertising and you will profit $2. • Optimize your campaign: you might be able to get leads for less money. Even if you get a lead for $9, it means that now you will earn $6 for every $50. • Learn how to close more sales: When you close 1 sale out of 4 leads, you will earn $11 for each $50. If you are in network marketing I would recommend that you read “How to talk to your prospect” to increase your sales ratio. • Add more programs to offer: If someone refuses to your initial offer, you can always offer another product. When someone buys you’re your product or service, you can always do an upsale. These techniques will increase your average commission per sale.   Online marketing strategies made simple: When it comes to your online business budget, you will have to sacrifice your time or your money. If you want quick results, it will cost you money, and if you don’t spend money, it will take you time.  

Paid strategies:

Facebook PPC is currently very hot, but to do it properly it is better that you have a facebook fanpage, so you can enjoy the “double lead” effect (collecting “likes”). The optimization process is mostly writing several ads copy and changing the images until you find something that works well. If you need results, and you want them NOW, Facebook PPC is a very good choice.  

Completely Free online marketing strategies:

Facebook: Simply put, the biggest market in the world. Whatever you are promoting, at the end of the day you are looking for people that want what you have to offer. Most likely these people have a Facebook account, and now all you need to do is find a way to reach them. Click here to learn more on Free Facebook marketing. Safelists: This is a technique that I haven’t mentioned so far, but it is a great way to start if you don’t have money. Empire Avenue: Empire Avenue has now a new cool feature called “missions”. It means that you can use the fictitious money that you have on Empire Avenue to promote a webpage for example. And it is really to become a milionaire in empire avenue if you know how. Craiglist: A huge way to stat promoting an network marketing business. You will be able connect with tons of people, and if you do it consistently, there is no reason why you won’t find people who will join you.  

Semi-Free Online Marketing Strategies

By semi-free Online marketing strategies I mean techniques that will require a one time fee, or a relatively small budget. twitter: In Facebook there are 800 millions people, but I hardly know people that have more than 1000 friends, or more than 1000 fans in their fanpage. But in twitter it is really easy to build a huge crowd that follow you. I have built one account from 0 to 15000 followers in less than a year, on automatic mode, and made money on the process. Click here to learn how I did it. Article marketing: Even after google algorithm changes, article marketing can still give you results. If you combine it with article marketing robot, which is only $97 one time fee, you will be able to submit your articles to hundreds of article directories at once, leveraging your time. Blogging: This is probably one of the best online marketing strategies that I have implemented this year. Blogging is the cream de la cream of online marketing, and you will get your most qualified leads from a blog. A blog allows you to market several products simultaneously, build a list, get traffic for free from Google, and brand yourself as a leader in your niche. Building a blog is not very expensive, and is not as difficult as many people think. With my tutorial, you can have a blog up and running in 24 hours.   The more I learn about online marketing strategies, I understand that the most important part is not choosing the strategy. It is rather being consistent, analyzing your results and optimizing your marketing.   And I feel that I can’t finish a post which talks about online marketing strategies without mentioning the source where I have learned most of what I know today. Thank you MLSP for teaching me what is working now and making my life a lot easier!   Now it is your turn: What online marketing strategies do you use in your business? To your success, Hezi hezi hershkovitz Join me on my Facebook Page: Hezi on Facebook Follow me on Twitter:Hezi on Twitter. Skype: hezi.h

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Hezi Hershkovitz

Networker & Social Media Expert at SuccessHowTo
Onine marketer, social media expert, and all around great guy. Hezi coachs people on internet marketing and on how to make money from home.

14 Responses to Online Marketing Strategies I’ve Learned on My First Year

  1. Nick Broutin

    Nice write up Hezi
    Nick Broutin recently posted..The Bone Yard Project A Canvas for ArtistsMy Profile

  2. Tosin

    Hi Hezi,

    Been a while bro. Good to have you back in the blogging world.

    Congratulations on your success and here is wishing you greater successes.

    They are all great tips and ideas and I especially love ‘optimize your campaigns’.

    Not taking note of our traffic, lead conversion and sales is tantamount to beating the air. When we optimize our marketing campaigns, we know where to push money to for maximum profit.

    Track, Track, Track is the name of the game for the big earners.

    Tosin recently posted..How to Create Killer Headlines and Titles for Your Blog PostsMy Profile

  3. Claire says:

    Making money online can really make you crazy. However, there are times that you need to make sure that you are doing everything for others to know that you actually exists. Optimizing your website thru different techniques is really the best way to improve your online visibility. This can be very tedious, but for sure be very helpful.
    Claire recently posted..Spotting and Removing Toxic Black MoldMy Profile

  4. Hezi,
     My partner and I utilizing all the strategies you mentioned save the Craigslist. I will need to think how I could utilize this as well! We are not in MLM but am thinking we could advertise our workshops/talks in community, services and gigs. Thanks for the idea!
    Rebecca Reddy recently posted..Sinucleanse Neti PotMy Profile

  5. Catarina says:

    Am not into online sales but what you write is sound advice for those of you who are. And maybe I should try a bit of free Facebook marketing?

  6. Jayne Kopp

    Hi Hezi, I agree finding a strategy that works is key. I do believe they all do work and actually have been drafting a ‘post’ in my mind (so to speak) for the last few weeks.

    What I mean by ‘they all work’ is that sometimes you just find one that agrees with you… and you agree with it. It’s like finding a comfortable fit.

    I have not tried Facebook PPC although I think I will. I used to have INCREDIBLE results with Google PPC … for a while anyway. I just never went back to ‘tweak’… which is my mistake.

    You do have to be ‘careful’ but I think if you monitor your campaign and keep it targeted… as well as set your limits, it’s excellent.

    Congrats on having the results you have had.



  7. Lou Barba

    Hi Hezi,

    You have presented a good list here for marketers. I think another thing to mention is the relationship between your time and your profit. If your profit only pays you $2.00 an hour, then you have to think of something else. If it’s $200.00 an hour, I guess you can start teaching people how to make money. :)

    Lou Barba recently posted..Fighting WordsMy Profile

    • Hezi says:

      I agree, however, when you start a new business, very often you don’t earn money for a very long time, until you understand what is working. Between zero dollars an hour and $200 there will be a time that you will earn $2 an hour, and you have to understand that it is part of the process.
      By the way, most of what I build is passive income, therefore I don’t measure it with the simple “$$ per hour”. It was just stated in the post to make the basic concept of maintaining your “return on investment” (ROI) more clear.

  8. Lea says:

    You’re right about really understanding the numbers behind ROI. Too many people think that spending money on Adwords and Facebook advertising is just money going out of their business without appreciating that if spending that money ends up making them more money than they spend then it’s worthwhile.
    Lea recently posted..Europe’s future depends on knowledgeMy Profile

  9. raymond says:

    In my case, I have a small business that focuses on selling brand-new shoes, well, the first thing that i did was to establish my main website and make sure that it is SEO ready, and made a fanpage on Facebook, at first there are commenters, potential customers, and then on and on my business grow, I can say, utilizing those available social networks helps a lot.
    raymond recently posted..Ways to Make Passive Income through Non-Internet MethodsMy Profile

    • Hezi says:

      Exactly right. All you need to do is to be consistent and it will eventually happen. Your passive income blog looks very informative. With a few tweaks you can really improve it. Keep up the good work!

  10. umesh says:

    Am not into on the internet revenue but what you create is superb guidance for those of you who are. And maybe I should try a bit of 100 % free Facebook or myspace marketing?
    umesh recently posted..How to make money online with HubPagesMy Profile

  11. Allissa43

    Nice post. thank you for sharing with us. I think it would be effective for all which people are want to sale their house. I like this post indeed.

  12. Jake says:

    I personally hate PPC and don’t understand why people even bother. I like Free per click better and if you stay on top of blogging and link building why would you need to spend money? Great post and great feed back.
    Jake recently posted..Flyer delivery services in MichiganMy Profile

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