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MLM Duplication Lie – Don’t Let Them Fool You!

If you are in network marketing for any period of time  you’ve probably heard about  “mlm duplication”. In this post I’m going to prove to you that when your upline is using this term he is simply misleading you, and that this is very likely the reason why you can not achieve your goals and desires. In this post I’m going to kill this sacred “mlm duplication” myth of the network marketing industry, so I know I’m going to upset some people. Some of them, maybe even more experienced than I, might tell you that I am wrong. If you do everything possible to “duplicate” and you’re still not satisfied with your results, read this post and decide for yourself. Maybe it  can generate the breakthrough you are looking for.

MLM Training To Fulfill Your Dreams

In this post you will see why getting the right MLM training is the difference between success and failure in this business. Are you dreaming high and searching for a way to grow your MLM ideas and skills? Do you have plans yet don’t have any clue where to start? Do you wish you had a successful MLM blog but right now you have lost hope to earn money from it? This was exactly the situation for me once, but since then I have learned the importance of a good MLM training, and I am sure you are going to see it as well after you read this post.  

Should You Join MLM?

join mlm“Why should I join MLM if so few people are actually getting money?”.  I get asked this question a lot, and if you got to this page it is probably because you too have doubts whether it is the right decision for you to join MLM. I will share with you from my own experience so you will understand why I love this business, yet you will know why I don’t believe that it is right for just anyone.

Why Attraction Marketing Is Important For Your MLM Business

Why would you like to put so much effort into learning attraction marketing? I will show you in this post that it is all about results. When you implement Attraction Marketing techniques in your business, you will get better results and you feel a lot better about your business. Make no mistake about it. It will take you time and effort to learn Attraction marketing, but it is definitely a skill that you can learn. However, I can honestly tell you that it will be worthwhile. I can tell you this from my own experience.

Are you marketing correctly your MLM BLOG

WOW – Just watched the last video on Ray’s MLM Blog course and got some real important insights that I will be sharing with you now. Actually this is so important that I think that even the great stuff I have shared on MLM BLOG part 1 & 2 will not give you the correct results unless you pay close attention to the lessons on this final post about How to build you MLM Blog  

How to create a successful MLM Blog Part 2

Like we wrote in our previous post, a good MLM blog is a gold mine and in this post we gonna give you some more important insights from Ray Higdon’s Course on how to blog

How to create a successful MLM Blog

A MLM Blog can be one of the best ways to promote your online MLM Business and in this post we gonna share some insights from Ray’s Higdon course on how to build a successful MLM Blog. Ray’s blog was selected the #1 MLM Blog in a blog contest sponsored by MLSP (in my humble opinion, the best lead generation and attraction system to date).

How To Choose The Best Product For Your Business

best productWant to choose the best product to build your MLM Business? Probabily someone told you that his company has the best product and to succeed you need to use this product daily. Sometimes they even tell you that even need to LOVE the product …… Ok , Folk , sorry to say but … THESE IS PURE BS !! And here is why:

Can you Build 2 MLM Companies Simultaneously?

build 2 mlm companiesCan you build 2 MLM Companies Simultaneously ?

Most top leaders will say NO, but since I have been around in the MLM industry for a while, I don’t buy into every BS the top leaders sell on stage, and I will give you some ideas that will help you to make your own intelligent decision. If you are ONLY using conventional old school techniques, it will probably be more difficult (and possibly a waste of focus/time) for you to try to build 2 MLM Companies on the same time, but if you are using both online and offline marketing techniques, chances are that you should build 2 MLM or more, or you will be leaving money on the table. Before we get deeper into the pros & cons, let me tell you a story:

Should you start your MLM business with your hot market ?

hot marketShould you start your MLM business with your hot market ? Maybe the most popular question I receive when coaching some newbie is: I don’t want to talk to my family & friends (e.g my hot market), can I just do the business on the internet? Maybe this is also your case , or maybe someone in your team is fearful when it comes to talking to his hot market. In both cases I will give you my perspective of these issues so you can act according to your best interest and get positive results .