Thank you for stopping by the TweetAdder review. If you trying to be an online marketer, and you still haven’t used Twitter, it is about time that you start. Twitter is right now in the top ten most visited sites online, and it growing in size everyday. Twitter can be a great tool to:
  • News – Learn in real-time what is going on around you.
  • Socialize & Networking – Easily meet new, like-minded,  people, that can help you in your life or in your business.
  • Marketing – Sending your messages and products  not only to your followers but possibly also to those who are following your followers, and their followers.
It is relatively easy to meet new friends\customers in Twitter, and unlike Facebook which limits your friends to 5000, there is no actual limit on the number of followers you can have on twitter. That is why so many marketers love it, because it allows them to market their products to an endless number of customers. You want customers? It is simple: Just get more followers! However, for busy people like us, cultivating our twitter account followers it is a waste of time, since it is a boring and repetitive task. This is exactly where a twitter bot automation tool fits in: Yes I am using twitter automation tool. The tool that I am using to automated my twitter is called TweetAdder and I think that this it is a great piece of software. In fact, If you are reading this post there is actually a huge chance that you have come to this blog through my twitter account, which is almost solely controlled by Tweetadder. I have been using tweetadder for a month and a half now and these are the results that I got:

get more followers

  Update: After 4.5 month, I have accumulated over 7000 followers

hhezi tweet adder

Click here to see my current results: hhezi followers on twittercounter  

TweetAdder benefits:

1) small one-time fee And a relatively small one, only 55$ for one account, 10 profiles for 110$. Most of the other solutions that I have checked mostly require a monthly fee, and since once you have started using automated tools to control your twitter account there is no reason why you should stop growing your followers, it is better to have a one time fee. TwitterSpinner is for example 15$/month, which means that if you need more than 3 month, buying TweetAdder will actually save you money. 2) FREE to try (up to 250 followers). A very smart marketing move was to allow to try for free the complete tweetadder software, with all its features. This software is so powerful, that once you use it and see how easy it is to get these 250 followers in auto pilot with it, you probably will purchase it.

Start Using TweetAdder For FREE To Get More Followers Right Now


What tweetadder doesn’t have:

  • Unfollow users that don’t tweet often enough (you can do it manually through UnTweeps or ReFollow)
  • The search tool is really strong and fast, allowing you search for keywords inside people tweets or bios,  but I do feel that  I could have used regular expressions, which are not supported.
  • Ability to send different types of recurring messages, some that run indefinitely, and some that run recurring 3-4 times a day for several days and then stop automatically.
Beside the Disadvantages listed above, I must say that Tweetadder is the best solution and the cheapest that I have heard of, and this is my most honest and noble opinion with the information that I have at the moment. Here is a little video that I made that shows you how to use TweetAdder:

How do I use Tweetadder

  • Find new interesting people to follow using keyword searching their bio or statuses.
  • Unfollow those who do not follow be back within a few days.
  • Follow back on people who started following me.
  • Sending “thank you” messages to those who started following me
  • Sending reoccurring tweets
The power of automating Twitter lies on the last two points. We all started doing online marketing to make money, and you must realize that once you have configured the software, it operates completely on autopilot, sending your messages to your automatically ever-increasing followers, sending them to your blog, posts, landing pages, affiliate programs,  MLM capture pages etc, earning YOU money. Bottom line is that I believe if you use TweetAdder correctly, you will be able to return its cost. A twitter follower can  “worth” 3$/year , it depends on how you use your list. But creating the list on autopilot, is a huge advantage, and it leaves you with plenty how time to think of ways how to use this list.
This was my honest review about TweetAdder. That is why I recommend every online marketer to use it. However, you should be really careful not use it recklessly, or you will be flagged as a spammer, and your twitter account might be suspended.
To your success! Hezi Hershkovitz   PS: You can get updates like this and others by entering your name and email in the top right box of my site.

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