The important thing about going to a major industry event is that in a very short time you get to meet many people and hear so many ideas that are making people huge amount of money. And when you here so many people, you start to feel a pattern forming, a trend, that everyone is following. So in this post I am going to share with you the top 3 trends that I have learned in the No Excuses 4 Summit in Las Vegas 2 weeks ago. If you are not familiar with the No Excuses Summit event, it is one of the biggest event of the year for generic online marketing material. And because it is such a key event you get to meet with top marketers from all over the world:  
Hezi & Adriano with industry leaders at No Excuses

Hezi & Adriano with industry leaders at No Excuses.
More photos with leaders at my Facebook No Excuses album

So no wonder these people are “in” what is hot, and can tell you what trends you should pay attention to right now.  

The 3 Top Trends of 2013

trend1) Facebook PPC is still huge – If you are not trying to find a way to use this marketing method in your business that you are missing big time. People are still getting very cheap clicks and conversions on Facebook. Yes, it is paid advertisement, but it is the fastest way to get your message out. I have done before some promotions with FBPPC, but couldn’t seem to find the sweet spot were my ROI was definitely positive (ROI, return-on-investment, meaning the point were my campaign makes more money then I spend). Since I got back, with the help of some tips I got in the event, I got a $143 sale with a $7 advertising budget, plus plenty of leads to my business! 2) Cellular PPC – Everybody are talking about it! I started online marketing 2 years ago, and I read ebooks talking about how people made money with Google PPC when clicks were $0.05. No wonder they made so much money, if generating targeted traffic was so cheap. Well those days on Google adwords are now over, however, cheap traffic is now back again with cellular advertising, so you really should keep your eyes open on this one. Many Millionaires made their fortune during those days with cheap google PPC clicks, and many will be created now with cellular. 3) Rippln – Remaining in the cellular industry, Rippln is the buzz world in the industry right now. At least 80% from the people at the event were enthusiastically building their ripple. And when so many marketers, and among them some of the best in the world are promoting Rippln, no wonder it is creating such a big buzz. In less than 6 weeks more than 750,000 people have joined in more than 200 countries. If you don’t know what Rippln is, you can read the Rippln review I did last week. I do believe that it is an idea that it time has come, I love the leadership in this company because it combined some top internet marketers so it is a cool environment to be in, and it is totally free business opportunity to start. I call it a no-brainer.  

And now, a gift to you!

There were many presentations that took place in the events, and a lot of them had really valuable content that I am anxious to implement in my business as soon as possible. One of the best presentations, at least in my opinion, was of Cesar Rodriges. The first time that I met this guy was on the Top 50 MLM blogs of 2012 where I got the #13, and he beat me and everybody else by getting to first place. Of course that I was intrigued who is this guy that I have never heard of him before, and I started checking his stuff out, and I was completely blown away! He is totally over delivering on anything that he does. So it was a pleasure for me to meet him in person in Las Vegas, and to discover that he is also a great guy in real life. And you can get access to the presentation that he gave on stage, a presentation that I paid $4000 in order to come to Vegas from Israel. Watch me and Cesar on the video below, and then click on the link below the video to access the free presentation.     arrow  

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