no moneyIf you are having a lot of no money objections, this post can be a real breakthrough for you as I will share you my secret strategy that allow me to get rid of the no money Objections. Just imagine how your business will look like if you stop getting the no money objection and enroll a big percentage of people that used to say that have no money to join you Actually , there are a lot of people that would love to start a home business , but have no money to do it, some of them will work very hard in your business if they just have a chance.  Find a way to get those people into your main business , and you can really be the next rising star in your MLM . I know that this sound to good to be true, so you are probably saying: OK , But how the heck I will get people to join my business when people keep giving me this objection… Well , that’s exactly what I am gonna show you in this post !!  

The 2 kinds of no money Objection:

  • The real no money objection: People really have no money to invest in your main MLM Business because it is relatively an expansive high cost opportunity.
  • The pseudo no money objection : People don’t trust you enough to invest a big amount of money so instead of saying to you they don’t trust you enough , they just say they have no money.
  This is how can you avoid these 2 no money objections. To solve the no money objections (both the real one, or the pseudo no money obejction): It’s a lot easier to sell something cheap than expansive…! DAAAAHHHH!…   I know that this sounds a little bit obvious , but I will show you how you can use this for your benefit !! It’s easy to sell to someone that has already bought from you, because after they bought from you once, their mind will move from skeptical buyer mode to a partner mode !!

My Solution to the no money objections

I am promoting some very cheap (or even free program) to my list. Since these are a real cheap programs, the no money objections disappear and now you can start to get some people to work with. Like in any MLM, some people will make nothing, but some of them will do great, start earning some small amount of money (somewhere between 50 to 500 US$ month) and also get some people in their downline. These are the winners that you are looking for   You can now start building a relationship with the winner. This is a small script that you can use : You: Hi, Mr.Winner. I saw that you are doing great in XYZ opportunity, and even get some sign ups. How is it going?? Mr. Winner : Yeap , Man. You are right! This is realy cool! It’s the 1st time in my life that I am finally making some money in MLM / online . Thanks!! You : That’s great! Now that you have already had some level of success, would it be OK if I show you a way to expand your income? (now explain the advantages of your business and how they can use the money they earned to join your main opportunity)   And now explain him, how he can be making more money by entering your business and moving his downline at XYZ to your company and duplicating the same technique with his downline!   I got this method from a friend of mine who have recently used this approach to have 3 people moving from a free opportunity to his main business (at 1600 US$ entry level), and btw 2 of them became his top leaders! Want to start working with me on this strategy?  

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