The fastest way to get more free Google traffic to your blog is to write reviews, and we are going to prove it to you at the end of this post. It will allow you to have a lot more readers flowing to your blog on a constant basis. It is actually a very simple technique: The more reviews that you are going to write, the more traffic that you are going to get. The number of subjects to review is endless, because every day new products and companies are coming out to the market.  

Why do you want free Google traffic

Well, basically, because it is free. When people search something in Google they are looking for answers. And if you write something with valuable information, they will be happy to get into your blog and read your post. Do your research before you write your review. You do want to add value to your reader. Especially when you review something that is new in the market it is not that hard to come up with new, unique information about it. If you just aggregate several posts that you have found about something to one easy to read review, your post will be in the first page very fast. As we already talked about in Our Traffic Secrets Formula, getting to the first page of google is like having an real estate asset. Using Google traffic estimator will allow you to predict how many visitors you are going to get everyday for a specific keyword.  

How to find sources to review to get more Google traffic

Probably the best subjects to write about are companies or products in your niche or industry. If your blog is about “dog training”, don’t write a review about bicycles. You want to write a review about your competitors because when people are searching in Google, they want information.
Even when they are searching for a specific product it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to buy it immediately.
And if they like you based on your review, they can change their mind and ask what you have to offer. You should keep a positive, or at least a neutral, tone in your review. This is unless you really believe that the company or product is just bad. You don’t want to get sued. For almost every product you can usually find pros as well as cons and your reader in most cases wants to hear them both. If you are in the network marketing arena, one of the best strategies is to check the npros directory. It contains the listing of thousands of network market companies. You can subscribe to their RSS feed, so you will among the first to know whenever a new company is inserted to their directory.  

Reviewing the results of our google traffic reviews test

In this blog we have already wrote several reviews (Twiends, Triberr, Marvalous and there are even more). Just last week our blog got 40 visits, free from Google because of these reviews! This is scrren shot from our Google Analytics: google traffic           To your success! Hezi & Adriano   PS: You can get updates like this and others by entering your name and email in the top right box of my site.

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