Now that your change the DNS and added a domain in GVO Web Host Manager, you are ready to install wordpress on your site. Wordpress is by far the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the Internet at the moment. I can go all day about the benefits of using WordPress for you, but it is better that you install it, and understand for yourself. Installing WordPress is so easy, that it will take you only one click of a button inside GVO-Hostthenprofit dashboard. Watch the video to see how to install your wordpress blog:         Next step:  Posts & Pages   Other Lessons in the WordPress Guide: 1.  WordPress Guide – Domain 2.  WordPress Guide – Hosting 3.  WordPress Guide – Change DNS 4.  WordPress Guide – Open Domain Account 5.  WordPress Guide – Install WordPress 6.  WordPress Guide – Posts & Pages 7.  WordPress Guide – Design Theme 8.  WordPress Guide – Plugins 9.  WordPress Guide – Web Form   Main Page: WordPress Guide Step by Step Tutorial