This is a very easy step that yo need to perform to link the place where you bought the domain with the hosting service where your site is going to be. Login into your domain registrar, and insert your server DNS in the appropriate place. I am using GVO, and you can find your DNS settings (nameserver1, nameserve2) when you click “STEP 2” link at the top-left menu in your home page. Watch the following video to learn how exactly to change the DNS in Namecheap domain registrar:     Next step:  Open Domain Account   Other Lessons in the WordPress Guide: 1.  WordPress Guide – Domain 2.  WordPress Guide – Hosting 3.  WordPress Guide – Change DNS 4.  WordPress Guide – Open Domain Account 5.  WordPress Guide – Install WordPress 6.  WordPress Guide – Posts & Pages 7.  WordPress Guide – Design Theme 8.  WordPress Guide – Plugins 9.  WordPress Guide – Web Form   Main Page: WordPress Guide Step by Step Tutorial