To put it simply- poker is not an easy game to play, if you’re thinking about making money. The fact of the matter is that 90% of those who play poker lose money. Poker is a game which takes 2 minutes to learn the basic rules, but it takes a lifetime to master. Besides poker, there are other casino games you can learn more from here, which is more easier like slots machines. Poker is not simple. It will let you look at your strengths, as well as weaknesses, and no matter what the financial effect that it will have on your life, it will definitely bring some positive results. When we look at the Poker game as a learning experience, this game can also make you mentally rich, giving you the following skill set: 1. Discipline – When you are dedicated, it means you have discipline. This means being able to continue striving, even when things do not go your way. Things not going your way happens a lot in Poker, and this game will let you learn how to cop with this occassions. See to it that you are not the type of person who is quick to wave the white flag and surrender. Lastly, see to it that you take full control of your emotions, as this is very crucial in the game of poker. 2. Money management –Have you always been good at keeping track of your money? This plays a major role as you play the game because you have to manage both your losses and your winnings. Be realistic when you view the results of how you play a certain game and be smart enough to lessen or walk away, especially when you realize that it’s not your ‘lucky’ day. This is why good  Poker players are really welcomed in Wall Street firms. 3. Decision making –There are some people that in real life are too afraid to take decisions and are always waiting to the ultimate most optimal solution. Playing enough Poker might make them understand that in life sometimes you have to take chances 4. Bluffing – Playing with what you got. In life and in Poker, sometimes you must learn that you  have to go all-in even if your hand is not so strong. Playing Poker can teach you to open your mind and look for these occasions also in real life. You will have to toughen up and be a player or an actor in order to hide your emotions, or show emotions that are not there. Aquiring these skills can also be benefit in reality in some cases. 5. Willingness to learn –First and foremost, nobody becomes an expert or even becomes good at something right on the spot. You have to be willing to study and analyse techniques used in poker. Along the way, you will also encounter people giving you pieces of advice as well as criticism, so be willing to learn from them as well. 6. Train your brain – You do not have to be a math genius, but some calculations are required, and you have to know to do them quickly and fast, while hiding your emotions. This is the reason many players when they finish a game of Poker feel very tired because they don’t realize how much effort they have put into it. 7. Networking – Above all Poker is a social game that started as a family game around the kitchen table, and it is still played as such in many areas. It will give you a chance to meet many people and interact with them.  Most average social kitchen table poker players just do so for a hobby and fun. If you just become a tiny little more professional than them by reading a few books and watching some videos, you will improve your skills a lot in comparison to them. It will provide you with a good advantage, which has the potential for you to earn their money, and more important: their admiration. If you are thinking about getting into the game of poker, you shouldn’t only ask yourself  ‘can I really make money out of it?’.  YES, it is possible to earn money from by playing the game, but you should expect difficulties and bumps along the road. And just in case you wondered:  Poker is legal (at least in some cases).
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Hezi Hershkovitz

Networker & Social Media Expert at SuccessHowTo
Online marketer, social media expert, and all around great guy. Hezi coachs people on internet marketing and on how to make money from home.