whyThere are two important days in our life. The first is the day that we were born. The second is the day that we find out WHY. I will be open with you. I used to hate books such as “The Secret”. I thought that it is too much spiritual and not realistic. What I now understand is that the secret is not that you are supposed to sit all day and chant repeatedly to yourself “I want a Ferary, I want a Ferary”. This will definetly wouldn’t do it. But, you do need to know what you want. Your first step in success, is to define why you are here. What it is that you want. What will make YOU happy. Without a goal, you will not reach anywhere. Home-work (Do it! Don’t have an ITC syndrom, which is I’m Too Cool to do my homework syndrome. If you want to have success, you have to do certain things, even if you don’t understand them at the beginning): 1) Buy yourself a notebook in which you will document your whole journey to your success. 2) In the first page of the notebook write : “I WILL DO THIS WHEN I HAVE ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD”: Write as many things as you can that you want to have, places you want to be, things you want to learn. Write at least 3 non-materialistic, non-selfish reasons why you want to be successful (open a non-profit organization of some sort, help a certain cause that means a lot to you). Describe how a day in your life will look like. Remeber, you have all the money and the things that you want. There is no need to work.. Let your imagination go wild. The bigger your WHY is, the higher your chance to actually achieve something from you WHY list. 3) Take 2 “normal” reasons, and 1 non-selfish reason and write them as a comment for this blog. The reason I ask you this is that it will serve as a commitment to yourself that you are going to achieve your success. There will always be this digital evidance online for the moment that you have decided to take the necessary steps to succeed. If you do what I suggested, you are unique! 95% of the people reading this post will just click their way out. But if you decided to do differently, I assure you that you are on your way to success. “Each of us is here to discover our true Self… that essentially we are spiritual beings who have taken manifestation in physical form… that we’re not human beings that have occasional spiritual experiences that we’re spiritual beings that have occasional human experiences. “… ~ Deepak Chopra Image: Jeroen van Oostrom  
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