best mlm The answer is that there is no one best mlm company! Ask for 5 people from different companies and you will get 5 different companies names. Of course everybody is sure that he is on the best mlm company! So, there is no unique answer!! Actually it’s not important … Why? There are a lot of good companies and your question should be no what is the best mlm company, but what’s the best mlm company for you.  

What makes a company the best mlm company

In order to choose the best mlm company you need to check the following parameters: –The company – Is it solid?  Does it look like  a company that will be in the market for the next 10-20 years ? Can you build your future on it? what about the management team?  If you are serious, I suggest you meet the company CEO / staff and visit the company HQ. – The compensation plan – Understand what are the compensation plan requirements and if you can do what is needed to be done to get into the $$$. – The field leadership ( distributor force ) – Who are the top leaders in the company? Do you believe in then? Are these people with high integrity and people who you want to follow and to be mentored by?? – The product – This is a complex subject, but it is clear that it needs to be a quality product with a huge market. Preferably with a patent. – The timing – This is where it gets a little bit complex, because people from the old companies will say that you should pick a company with at least 5 years old , so it’s more stable , whether someone in a startup MLM will show you the S curve and tell you how the big money is made by the pioneers ! Who is correct? Both! Each one is looking at the problem from his own perspective. You should choose what is the best mlm for you. THE SYSTEM – In my point of view, it is the most important parameter for your success. Of course, the other parameters must exist or your company may be out of biz when you finally get in to the money. You can do more money with a “normal” product if you know how to market, than with an amazing irresistible product, if you don’t know how to market it! No matter what your future sponsor tell you, your product does not sell itself !!  

The one component that all the best mlm companies have

So, the most important parameter to check before you join your company is: What is the system that this company/team is using ? What I need to do? How are the meetings? What kind of training do they have? Do they teach you how to work online/offline or both? I really believe that in order to achieve real success, you must have both of them: online & offline! A very important question that I will consider before I start is: Do they have a system that allows me to work online? Is there someone who will coach me on how to have success on the Internet? unfortunately most companies don’t have a system to work on internet . In this case, you have 3 options :
  1. Learn it all by yourself ( I really don’t recommend it, unless you are willing to be struggling for the 1st six months )
  2. Find someone or some team that will coach you on that and join them.
  3. Use a pre-built marketing system. This is probably the best option and after build my own system, this is what I am doing now with my team.
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