internet to build your businessYesterday I just heard that a top leader said in one of that training-motivational-pitch sessions – “Don’t use the internet to build your business.” Well, maybe I would understand if Hosni Mubarak (Egypt former president) or Bashar Al Assad (president of Syria) said something like this, so they could keep their dictatorship lifestyle paid by the poor crowd for a few years more. actually it reminds me from some dark times in the human history : In the Medieval period, the owners of the lands didn’t want their peasants to study, so they could control the masses. For a long time, women didn’t learn how to read, so men can keep their power over the women. I believe that the Apartheid, the Holocaust and Stalin Era would not be the same if we had FaceBook.  

So why Your leader tell you not to use the internet to build your business

As a veteran on the industry and someone who definitively love this biz, unfortunately not everything that is said on the stage is on the best interest of your own business. Neither is neutral unbiased information . Anyone have an agenda, and part of it is just to keep you blindfolded so you will stay in autoship and make money (not for you, but for the guys on the stage). Maybe they are afraid that you just google the name of the company and find something that they don’t want you to see (Try  google for: Is <NameYourCompany> a SCAM ? ) There is a reason that guy on stage is being paid tons of dollars, and part of it is keeping you pumped (and make sure that you stay away from the dark forces of the online enemy). You can call this coaching, but I’d rather call this mass control (see medieval era above).

Should you use the internet to build your business?

Well, although I have used the internet to get tons of leads and sales to my business, I believe that not everybody should be using the internet to build a MLM Business. Actually, if you are already successful, have tons of leads and is sponsoring new people in the old way, just keep doing the offline. There is an old saying that “we don’t change a team that is winning”. But, if you are still not sponsoring as many people as you want, or is not making the amount of money that you deserve,  maybe you should think about some new strategy.

Should you tell your team to use the internet to build your business?

If you are reading my blog, I hope that you lead your people in different way that Mubarak or Hitler did. So if you don’t tell them to use the internet to build a business, someone else will (unless you leave in a cool democratic place like Iran). And if they gonna do it anyway, maybe you are the one that want to tell them first, so you can real coach them in the right way  . You can choose to flow with the river, or you can try to swim against the flow and use the ostrich approach, e.g stuck your head deep in the sand. Is getting online the best thing to do with you current skill set and biz model? I have no clue and only you can find the correct answer. Feel free to contact me so I can try to help you to find out and make an intelligent decision that’s correct FOR YOU ! To your success (whether you choise online or offline ) , Hezi hezi hershkovitz Join me on my Facebook Page: Hezi on Facebook Follow me on Twitter: Hezi on Twitter. Skype: hezi.h   PS: If you have already decided to work on the internet and are just looking for a good source of trainings and/or an easy way to start, check the system that I am using to generate tons of lead online or go to our free training page. PSS: Most leaders in the industry are really cool people, people who are very committed to help and if you do a good research I am sure you can find some good mentors out there. One thing that I would look for is not the amount of money your potential mentor is doing, but the amount of money his people is doing ! PS3: It is my personal opinion, but I do believe most people should do both online and offline marketing. What is your opinion? Leave a comment down below! PS4: Feel free to share this post with people who tell you: “Don’t use the internet to build your business”. Image: Ambro /          
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