There are plenty of books out there that have catchy and flashy covers, which entice people to buy a copy. We all know people that have been tricked a few times by getting a book that claimed to help succeed and get rich. In the end, all I got was your day-to-day words of wisdom such as ‘if you don’t work hard, you won’t make money.’ The Science of Getting Rich‘ might sound sceptical, but I assure you that this book will truly hit the spot. Society may think that wanting to gain a lot of money and getting rich means you’re being superficial, but this book will tell you otherwise. It goes to telling you how money can be a positive motivation in a person’s life and how it actually helps you reach those goals of yours. I learned that I shouldn’t feel bad about thinking of money as I think of my goals, because truth is- we all need our everyday necessities which money can get us. The book is filled with relevant and sensible pieces of advice, which truly awaken an individual. Just to show you how well everything is explained, try to look at it from this perspective; let us say you are painter who has been struggling to get that one masterpiece out in the market, for the public to see. If you live in a small room or even apartment, stuck with household-chores, then you will definitely not have enough time devoted to painting. This is contrarily to you living comfortably, wealthy, and in a spacious home. You get to have maids who cater to your needs and clean up, which means that you get to focus on one thing- making your painting masterpiece. The main point of The Science of Getting Rich is not about money itself, but about learning certain ways of doing tasks. If you think about it, those who belong in Forbes list of ‘richest people’ are there for a reason; they did things in a certain way, making use of wise strategies. The book will also let you in on unbreakable rules, which you must follow, regardless of the circumstances that you may be in. Just like with everything else, your strength, determination, and loyalty will be tester, but you have to stand the test of time. It’s safe to say that the book’s author named Wallace Wattles also takes a practical approach, as opposed to just sticking to the facts. The idea that we liked the most in this book is, as it implies in the name of the book, is that that there is nothing mystical about becoming rich, it is a formula, that can be implimented the same as a chemical formula can be implimented in the science lab. Becoming rich has nothing to do with:
  • Area of the world
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Era in time
Becase they were rich young boys in ancient eygpt thousands of years ago, and they are rich old women today in, let say, Europe. One more thing that we liked about this book is the call for action. In no point in the book it is suggested that wealth will just fall on you from the sky unless you wouldn’t go out, decide what it is that you want, think on a way to create it, and then go out take action and DO IT. This book will surely mold you and the way you think about gaining wealth. It gives off the thought that once we end up reaching our goals and become rich, we should then start living fruitful and fuller lives, instead of becoming greedy/boastful beings.  
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Hezi Hershkovitz

Networker & Social Media Expert at SuccessHowTo
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