I haven’t written anything in the blog for about 8 months now. Seriously, the last blog post is from September! You might be asking yourself how come an “internet marketing dude” is not doing what he should, which is writing in his blog. Why did I say before that blogging is so important if I don’t write in my own blog anymore?? How do I generate traffic then? Is blogging dead? Am I dead? Did I quit my primary business or something? hmmm… A lot of good questions. And the answers will teach you good insights from my experience for your own business growth, so you better pay attention. The truth is blogging was, is and will continue to be a very important factor for any business owner. And this is especially true to newbies. Blogging is by far the most important skill to master when you start a new business. There is no better platform that can brand you, allow you to present yourself as an expert, give you a medium to present your ideas, teach your team, and connect with new people. A few dollars a months and you have a blogging platform that does all that. And if you are afraid of the techie stuff, you have ready-made blogging platforms from Pure Leverage or Empower Network, where you can start writing in a few minutes, everything else is done for you. Blogging is still very much alive. The fact that you are reading this post right now proves it!!  

So why don’t I blog more often if it is so damn good?

The truth is that as much as blogging is a great skill to master, it is not the only way to succeed. Ray Higdon for example is a great blogger in the network marketing niche, and he has build an impressive business from it. In business schools they teach you to find your strong points, your advantages in the markets. And in the past few months I have found a place where I feel comfortable that gives me an edge like this. Coming from an engineering background, I feel very comfortable working with code and programming. When I quit my job 3 years ago I didn’t know a lot about building dynamic websites, but since then I managed to learn quite a bit. I used to say that I speak 10 languages: Hebrew, English, and then C, .NET, VHDL, Verilog, Specman, VB, Matlab, Perl. Now I added to it also PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL & Jquery, maybe even more, there so many that I can’t remember. Once you learn one programming language and you understand the concepts, all the rest of them is pretty much the same thing. So instead of blogging, I have invested my time on building systems and programs using my programming skills. Together with my business partner Adriano we have built a site in the Brazilian language ( I am learning this language too ) which is right now 32K in alexa and climbing, which you can imagine has brought us a lot of business. I have also developed a tool that I am very proud of that helps me very much in my eBay business (I have just got my Top-Rated-Seller which is also very exciting)


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And now I can explain the title of this post…

The most important Business Resource is your TIME. And you have to focus on what gives you results. You should be very careful on what you invest your time, and how do you prioritize what you do in your business. For me, at least for now, I have put blogging in a lower priority. It doesn’t means that blogging is no longer working. In fact, I currently even develop plugins and program on the wordpress environment, which something that I wouldn’t have been able to do, hadn’t I learned the basic about the wordpress blogging platform on the first place. However, developing does take its time and effrot, and this is why I have found myself in the need to put my blogging “career” on hold. This is also why I wouldn’t recommend each and everyone to follow the path that I have taken, because it is not necessarily an easy one, or even the shorter path to success. If you are doing network marketing like I do, than it has a lot with what I said in a previous post:  MLM duplication is a lie. You have to find your own way. Time is currently the most important resource in my business. I can hardly believe when I remember how when I started my business, I would let people waste my time. I have found myself talking for hours with people that eventually didn’t do the business, or quit very fast. Today, even people that are already on my team know that with me there they have to get straight to business, because they will not get more than 15 minutes on the phone with me, and this is also only if they have a really good reason.  

What to do if you are new and your time is not valuable right now.

Maybe you haven’t had success yet online or offline, and you ask yourself, when will be the time that your time will be valuable so you can have the same attitude about it as I do The answer is TODAY. If you decide that it will be that way, of course. Respect your time, or nobody else will. I will be glad to hear your thoughts about this subject, and don’t forget to share if you have come this far, maybe someone else will benefit from it too   Until next time To your success Hezi Hershkovitz   hezi Join me on my Facebook Page: Hezi on Facebook Follow me on Twitter: Hezi on Twitter Connect with me on        Image courtesy of  Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net       .
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