Calculate the average salary of the five richest people you know (or listen to their advice)  and this will be approx. your salary. You should be very picky from who you are taking advices from: Don’t take diet tips from a fat person, don’t take dating tips from a single, don’t listen to employment tips from an unemployed. I know this sounds such an obvious suggestion, but there are so many people that I know that actually ask for business advice from a salaried employees, which 95% of the time have no ideas in business, and this is the reason that they are still recieving pay checks. The problem with taking advice from people who have no expertise in the field that you are requiring about is that everybody has opinions, and they love to share them whenever asked. This is where “Dream Stealers” come to play: How many of you have ever had what they thought to be a great idea, a dream , but after talking to a parent, a spouse or a close friend have been convinced to drop it? Your dream have been stolen, and often it happens that you see someone else takes your dream and makes it a reality for himself. But most of the time, your “dream stealer” just wants to help you and protect you. The problem was in you, asking for guidance form the wrong mentor. If you want a higher salary, replace your mentors. If you don’t know any rich people, try to actively enlarge the number of your friends. Although it is more a question of quality and not of quantity, in order to find the one person that will help you you will need to know a lot of people. In addition, you are lucky you where born in the 21 century. you can learn online, simply google or youtube the information that you are looking for. In addition there are so many books that you can buy on almost any subject that you can think of. This is the way to pick a mentor: see someone who already has what you want, and ask him how he did it. You would be suprised, but some of them might be actually willing to help you! Mentors will shorten the time that it takes you to learn a process I can share an example from my own life: I was dancing salsa for 5 years and I thought that I was pretty darn good at it. A friend of mine prasuaded me to take a class with a salsa instructor, and only after I took his class I understood that “you don’t know what you don’t know”. My salsa skills improved dramatically. My example is good also to demonstrate that sometimes it is better to pay money to someone in order to get the best instructions possible. One final note: although today you can find practically everything in the internet, I believe that it still a lot better to ask someone who knows instead of doing all the research yourself. It can save you a lot of time.  
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