While online marketing may bring you great products and services, always have your guard up because some will just trick you and run off with  your money. This is the case especially when their niche is something most people can relate to and they use top-of-the-line websites that catch attention, as well as interest. We know it’s difficult to pass on something, but before you go on and buy that product or subscribe to someon’es service, ask yourself this question- does it seem too good to be true? Here are aspects for you to look into before biting the apple: Product-wise Look at what the company is really selling; is it a product or service? Maybe it’s nothing but thin air? Once you feel that there’s actually no type of product, then trust your instincts. Don’t for those ads that say ‘earn money without doing anything’ because they will really leave you with false hopes. Customer support Check whether or not they have a customer service hotline or even a contact number for people who are interested to call. A company selling something valid and legit must either have a phone number or email address, right? If they have no means of support, then it means they must not have the budget for it. Before you buy, test their support! Send them an email or call their line and see how responsive they are. Credible or not? A quick way for you to check on a company is to Google its name. You can add the words: “scam” or “complaints”, but be careful because online marketers these days use it for their on advantage and are lurking for you especially in these pages. That’s why you should be patient and read more than just one review. Of course if you see comments and feedback with curse words or people bad-mouthing the company, then it would definitely be wise to move right on along. There will always be angry and disatisfied customers, but if you can’t find one person who has something good to say about the a certain product, then it’s time to skip the scam and find something real. Look for forums on the web where people talk about this product. Often you will see much more open discussion about it there. Who is behind this Product Check who is the person or company that brought this product to the market. Check their reputation the same as you did with the product. Do they have a good name in the forums, or no-one has ever heard of them? The test of time If a you run into a company that has only been around for weeks or months, don’t jump onto the bandwagon right away. As you may already  know, if  a company is well-established, then it means they’ve withstood the test of time (which also means they must be doing something right). Even if you might be short of time, always take it slowly and don’t rush into something you don’t know much about. With research and maybe a bit of background checking, you can be sure not to fall for scams and tricky online marketing deals.
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Hezi Hershkovitz

Networker & Social Media Expert at SuccessHowTo
Online marketer, social media expert, and all around great guy. Hezi coachs people on internet marketing and on how to make money from home.