smart goalWouldn’t it be nice to have an easy small goal before the holidays so you can make a few extra bucks and then have more fun at the end of this year? Let me explain what I mean by smart goal: Smart goal means that you can relatively easy achieve it and, by doing that, you will have some extra pleasure to move ahead into your next step. The reason this is important for you is because only when you learn how to correctly set and achieve your goals, you will be in total control of your business, or even better, in total control of your life. Have you ever planned a goal and failed to achieve it? If you are in this business for more than a week, I bet you did ! I remember my first week on the biz when my sponsor came to me and said: You must set goals! Amateurs go over life, professionals have goals! So I set my first goal, failed, then I set my second one, failed again …then I became a professional …..Or should I say: A professional goal setter. I even learn the smart goal method (S-Simple, M– Measurable, A-attainable, R-Realistic, T-Timely) Then I got over lots of trainings and learned new ways to set a goal and handle failure. Have it ever happen to you? Then someday Big All told me how to correctly set and achieve a smart goal. And then something really cool happened: I finally achieved my goal. So, it’s Ok if I teach you a simple way that you can use to really set and achieve your goal? Here we go.

Smart Goal Setting Principle 1: Find a goal that depends only on you, and you can achieve with some medium effort.

A good example will be to talk to 20 new prospects this week. A bad smart goal example will be enrolling 2 people into your business. Why this is a bad? Because it doesn’t depend only on you. You can make everything correct, give it 110% from your effort, but the decision to join the business is their decision, not yours! Make sense? So let’s move to next step:

Smart Goal Setting Principle 2: Set how you gonna reward yourself after achieve your goal.

Example: After achieve your goal of talk to 20 people, you will take a night to go dinner with your spouse. Smart Goal Setting Principle 3: Here is where the real juice is! This step will guarantee that you will achieve your smart goal but there is a catch! You cannot go  into step 3, before you did step 1 and 2 correctly, so before you keep reading go ahead and set your smart goal. Do it now!! Not kidding ! Need a good example ?I will give you mine:

Like I told you, I am gonna break 200K in Alexa before the end of the year,and, in order to achieve it, I set my goal, using the smart goal principle #1 of making at least 10 posts  till 31/12.

I also set a reward (smart goal principle #2) of taking a free day after achieving this goal. Another goal is to help 3 people to achieve their smart goal. Are you one of them? If so just contact me after you write a comment below and tell me what is your goal. I will give you principle 3 after it, so I can be sure that you have a smart goal. And remember I told you I have a surprise bonus? So here is the deal: To break the Alexa 200K I need your help, and I am giving some really cool bribes to you for that. Here are few things that you can do to help me: –  I want to give valuable info for you and for all my readers, so tell me what your main challenge is, so I can create a post on that to help you. –  Share the posts. I will do the best to give you a lot of value on the posts, so it will be ok if you share then on FB, Twitter and to your friends/team so they can also benefit from it. – Of course, I am always open to get feedbacks and new ideas on how I can improve, so feel free to write me and tell me how I can do better to help you. The 3 people that contribute the most will receive a full hour of 1 a 1 coaching with me. I charge about 150 US$ a hour, but you can get it free by helping me to help you. Of course I have some other bribes for all the others. And that’s all! Internet is all about win-win, and that’s what I am creating here in SuccessHowTo. Now it’s up to you. What is your smart goal till 31/12? Share with us in the comments. To your Success Hezi hezi hershkovitz Join me on my Facebook Page: Hezi on Facebook Follow me on Twitter: Hezi on Twitter. Skype: hezi.h   PS: Feel free to contact me if you are stuck in your business and need some help before 2012. I know you deserve to succeed and I want to help you on that.       Image: jscreationzs /  
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