small business adviceIf you are thinking about whether you should use the internet for your home business then you would love this small business advice. What are the reasons that you are not taking your business to the internet? Taking your business to the internet takes time and money, and maybe you are afraid that you will lose touch with your costumers in the process. In my case, the advice that I got for my small business was that I shouldn’t do it because people told it doesn’t work. Well, since then I have done a lot of research about the subject and this is the conclusion that I got:

Small Business Advice – Should you take it online

The answer is: IT DEPENDS. It depends on how committed are you to your business. Are you going to treat it as an amateur, or are you going to be a professional. Business owners or companies are always alert to see what their competitors are doing. Professionals are always seeking out new ways to grow their business even faster. It depends, because if you are happy with the results you have got so far, then by all means, keep doing what you are doing. Your multi level marketing is obviously working, so there is no reason why you should change a thing. However, if you are struggling in your business, or if you have limited success and you are ready to take the necessary steps required to take your business to the next level, than you need to understand that you should start learning how to market your business online. Think about it for a minute. Every major corporate company in the world is taking their business to the internet, so what makes your home business any different? Why are you still running your business with out dated obsolete methods? If you are not using Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube to expose more people to your opportunity than I tell you are missing out BIG TIME. If you are a business owner you should go to the place your costumers are, and in the last couple of years this place is all these social sites. You can increase your audience by at least a factor of 3 within 6 months if you know how to use these tools correctly.

Benefits For Marketing Your MLM Small Business Online

If you are in the mlm industry, there are 97% that you are not using the internet right now, since only 3% are using online marketing. If you are one of those using traditional mlm marketing methods there are 3 reasons that you should think about mixing the internet with your current methods:
  1. Put your mlm business in an automated mode, that will allow you to expose the opportunity to dozen of people a week.
  2. Earn affiliate commissions, by selling products to all marketers out there, regardless on which mlm companies they are in.
  3. Shift the focus from the mlm opportunity to the online marketing
The third reason is just HUGE. People will be willing to hear what you have to say if you tell them that you are an online marketer. Over the years the network marketing has acquired a pretty bad reputation, but online marketing, is considered a legit business and people know that there is money to be made in the internet. Just think how many more people you can approach with “I have a business model where I can show you how you can easily make money online” You can then show them how to make money with affiliate commissions, and after you gained their trust you expose them to your primary mlm opportunity.

Get Small Business Advice From Our Mentors

Whenever you understand that:
  • You want to stop struggling in your business.
  • Every professional business in the world right now is moving to the internet.
  • More and more of your competitors are turning into the internet everyday.
  • Using the internet will enable you to increase your current results, whatever they are.
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