hot marketShould you start your MLM business with your hot market ? Maybe the most popular question I receive when coaching some newbie is: I don’t want to talk to my family & friends (e.g my hot market), can I just do the business on the internet? Maybe this is also your case , or maybe someone in your team is fearful when it comes to talking to his hot market. In both cases I will give you my perspective of these issues so you can act according to your best interest and get positive results .  

Why people don’t want to talk to their hot market?

After coaching hundreds of people, I find that there are 2 main reasons they don’t want to talk with their friends and both of them are the results of a misconception and a mis-understanding of the MLM Biz Model Reason no. 1 people don’t want to talk to their hot market is because they think that : My Friends will think that I am trying to make money on him,  and it’s not ok to earn money from friends. This can go as deep as:  I will lose my friends if I enroll then in my MLM Biz (OMG , this is painful). The solution for this is just by reinforce the MLM Model: We are making money with our friends, not from our friends! In order to make real money with MLM  you need to help people succeed, and then you will receive a percentage of the revenue they will generate. if you can help someone, would you not start with your friends and family ?   The 2nd Reason  people don’t want to talk to their hot market is they think that none of their friend will be interested, or they can’t have success on this or any other variation. Again, a big misconception of the MLM Model.  Understand that you never know who is going to succeed or not. One of my favorites examples is  Dani Johnson, that’s grew up on welfare in a violently and abusive drug-infested home, pregnant at age of 17, homeless at 21. Would you like someone like her to be in your business? Most people will probably say a BIG NO ! Well, Dani by the age of 23 became a millionaire in the industry, and is now a top trainer and a best-selling author!!  

What is the correct mindset when talking to people on your hot market ?

Instead of coming from a needy approach like a lot of people do, you should understand that they desperately need your solution, and that you don’t need them in order to succeed! You will find the correct people with or without them. How many people inside your hot market do you think that are looking for a extra income, more time freedom and/or will love to be their own boss? A lot I bet !! When approaching your hot market you should feel that you have your biggest present to give to them: The opportunity to get out of the rat race and own their life back !! That’s how I feel when I am looking into my list . Who is the one that deserve the presents my business opportunity can give? Who deserve the opportunity to get free?   Understand the MLM biz model, get the correct mindset and I am sure that you will get pass the fear to talk to people either in your cold or hot market.   To your success, Hezi hezi hershkovitz Join me on my Facebook Page: Hezi on Facebook Follow me on Twitter: Hezi on Twitter.     PS: If you want to learn how to generate more leads, work offline or online, and talk to people in your cold or hot market, click here to check the system that I am using. PS2: If you enjoyed this post about how to approach your hot market, share it with your friends and comment below.   Image: David Castillo Dominici /          
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