Maybe you have a few books on self-development or maybe you are one those with an entire collection. These books can have a great impact on people, but are you really reading effectively? About $693 million worth of self-improvement books were sold in2010, and many say that it is just a waste of money, and I totally agree! There is a correct way to read self-improvement books and this is it: 1. Focus and pay attention to what you are reading There are books out there that promise to change your life in 7 days. Although they may have good points, you will not be able to get everything in within 7 days. As you read, make sure you try to understand the message across the pages. Internalize and see how relevant the advices are in your situation. Engaging in what you are reading will make a difference. 2. Buy the book Self-development books are not like normal, storybooks which you forget about the moment that you have finished reading them. It can occur that a long time after you had actually read the book, a situation would come wherein you will need the information that is in it. Owning the book will make it handy, since you will be able to go back to it, and remind yourself of the things that you had forgotten. 3. Marker important sentences An ancient proverb says that the “weakest ink is stronger than the greatest memory“. Even If you own the book, you don’t always remember where exactly is the information that you are looking for. Marking important sentences with a marker pen has 2 effects: First, the actual process of marking a sentence makes it more memorable. And second, it will make it a lot more easier to find whenever you need it. 4. Be determined to change Before you buy a book that talks about how to change your life, make sure you ask yourself “do I really want to change?”  If the answer is yes, then you should start taking the path of determination. You may have to give something up, whether it’s smoking, eating a lot, or maybe even just changing your daily routine.Keep in mind that if you want change to happen in your life, you must have the will for it to actually happen. These things might even be scary, but they have to be done. Of course these changes must be realistic and not ones that belong in dreamland. 5.  Take action Great ideas and wisdom that you get from books are great, but unless you take action, they are really pretty useless. Open your eyes and see, as well as feel the need for genuine change. Being inspired is not enough; you must be uplifted enough to actually stand up and start making things happen for yourself. Think about your goal and start doing the necessary for you to reach it.   Self-development books are powerful, but you have to make sure you take full advantage of them. A great tip is to jot down notes as you read through a book, whether they’re new ideas and insights or questions which you may have. Take note of what really touches you and remember phrases that you yourself may want to try out. There Is always hope, so get out there and be an effective reader.
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Hezi Hershkovitz

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