Social commerce has been on the rise. For those of you who are not so familiar with this term, it means using a certain type of social media online and having social interaction, with the result of user contribution. Online buying, offered services, and selling of various products are all part of social commerce. When visiting, you’ll be able to find trendy and cool things to buy. The great thing is that you do not need money to buy such goods; all you need to do is tweet them. Whether you are into e-books, software, videos, or music, clinking on ‘pay with a tweet’ will surely get what you want. After clicking on the mentioned button, you will be asked to log in to either Twitter (Facebook is also available) and what you do is click on the download button after editing the proposed tweet. You will then see your message on your page. It’s pretty simple, right? Creating a buzz, pay with a tweet is part of the social payment system and it gives content creators the opportunity to market their product or goods. If you are wondering who developed this witty application, it’s John Tubert, from New York. To kick off the service, a French pop band called ‘The Teenagers’ released their single ‘Made of.’ They are known for their breakthrough song ‘Homecoming’ and through pay with a tweet; you can exclusively download their latest track. Of course everyone has their own preference and if you are not so into electro-pop, you can also buy an e-book from Innovative Thunder, that is all about digital business. Just like the logic behind PR, wherein celebrities, editors, journalists, and reviewers get goods for free just by giving out positive words, Pay with a Tweet is just as compelling. It’s simple to use because vendors already have their own button for you to click, on the application’s website. You then enter their Twitter page, get the desired tweet from them, along with the link to digital downloading. It’s all a matter of copy and paste; before you know it, viral tweeting has already started. So what are you waiting for? Give Pay with a Tweet a try today!
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Hezi Hershkovitz

Networker & Social Media Expert at SuccessHowTo
Online marketer, social media expert, and all around great guy. Hezi coachs people on internet marketing and on how to make money from home.