I love motivational videos. I watch then daily. It really increase my energy when I am down. This is the first motivational video that I had ever seen that really influenced me. I think that reason that it really touched me is because it asked the question that always intriged me: “What does the 5000$ person doesn’t do, that the 50K$ person does do?” Only after I saw this video for the first time, I have learn that Art Williams was a successfl football coach, that had become a multi-millionare in his own business life, so he knows a thing or two about how to motivate people and what makes people succeed in life. I encourage you to watch this movie everyday for a month, and I am sure that if you do so you will feel the difference in yourself.
Powerful speech by Art Williams. KEYS TO HAVE THE WINNING ATTITUDE AND BE SUCCESSFUL Be excited– you cannot do anything expecting great results without being excited about it. It’s what drives you and people like excitement because it leads to hard work. Be a dreamer– if you don’t have a dream, you are dead. You have to feel good about yourself and know that you can reach your goals. You have to visualize what you want to be and where you want to be- you have to dream. There’s nothing you can’t do if you want it that much. Stand for something– most corporates and companies out there will say and tell you what’s necessary just to make money, but you have to do the opposite. Stand up for something and do not become AVERAGE and ORDINARY. Have commitment- don’t ever lose your ability to commit. No matter how many times you stumble and fall, you have to be committed and get right back up. Do not ever give up, but instead give your total commitment, fighting back 100 times stronger each time. Treat people well– many of the big companies out here today tell you not to get close to your employees and become friends with them. But in order for you to win in business and manage people correctly, you need people skills and that is to care about those you work with, as well as those who work for you. Make people feel important, say something positive to them. Establish the right priorities– some who have reached their business goals and have made millions now have vices and their personal lives down the drain. You have to prioritize and that means staying away from things that will do you no good. God has to come first, your family second, and then your business-third; these aspects have to be on top of your list regardless of what you have attained and how much money you may already have in the bank. Have the desire and will to WIN- you have to be driven to become ‘bigger’ and to make a difference in all your endeavors . Between 2 people, one who makes 500 thousand a year and the other 50 thousand, the first is more successful because he does things just a little bit more. He gives a little bit more effort, he pays the price a little bit more, and he bleeds a little bit more- you have to be tough and come out a winner. Be a Leader- Look around, from baseball teams to the large business companies- those who are successful have a leader. In order for you to win, you have to lead others and take ownership. Believe in yourself and DO IT. Stop the talking, get started, and put it into action- DO IT. and above all:



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