You can never be certain that you will achieve your success. However, if you follow these simple rules you will definitely increase your chance to achieve what you are looking for:
  • First, define what is your “WHY”. You are going to need it when things are going to be tough.
  • Read books. If you read 20 books on a certain subject you will become an expert in that field.
  • If you ride your car to work everyday, get the audio versions of the books and listen to them on the way.
  • Enjoy the process, get EXCITED! There is an unwritten rule of thumb that what you start to do today, will take you 7 years to really impact your life. 95% of the people you know will never do what you have decided to do.
  • Don’t hesitate to start even if you don’t know all the details. Remember that at some point, all the pro’s where amatuars.
  • Take MASSIVE and CONSISTENT action.
  • GTD = Get Things Done. Use your time efficiently.
  • Passive income is the key. try to get a positive ROI.
  • Diverse. Most rich people have multiple inputs stream.
  • Actively enlarge your network of friends. It is very easy today to do so with the internet.
  • Tell everybody that you are working on your way to success. First, as a confirmation to yourself, because until you say something outloud, you are not fully committed to it. In addition, some will try to dis-courage you, which will be a test to your will. But eventually you will find that some will support you, and some will even start to share their own ideas with you.
  • Be careful whose advice you choose to listen to. Don’t take diet tips from a fat person. If you want to be a millionare, find one and listen to him.
  • Find a mentor/mentors who had done what you want and model them.
  • Time is your most valuable asset. Each time that you are doing something, try to be as efficient about it as possible. If it is taking too long, try to find a way to do it faster (for example: ask a friend, automate, outsource)
  • The most important ingredient of them all: Never EVER quit!! Don’t put an expiry date on your success.
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