I am going to give you a short, easy to follow, step-by-step blueprint on how to become a millionaire in less than 30 days on Empire Avenue, by investing less than 30 minutes a day, increasing your stock value on the way, and making tons of new connections with some of the top leading names in the online business industry. If you follow this blueprint, I promise you that you will get to your first million very fast, and you will get noticed! To those who don’t know, Empire Avenue is sort of a “game” that ranks you on how good you are playing the main social media sites, compared with the other “players” in the industry. But before we even get to the blueprint, why on earth will you want to be a part of this “game”?

Benefits of joining Empire Avenue

1) Get connected. A lot of top players in the social media industry are playing, and it is a good place to meet them. If you play the game right as I teach you, you will get noticed. 2) Find like minded people. You can join a community inside Empire Avenue, or compete your stock in a niche specific Index such as blogging, Technology, Travel and many other indexes inside the game. 3) Get traffic to your blog and social media profiles. People that will connect with you will want to know who you are, and will check your blog, Facebook profile and fanpage, your twitter account, etc. 4) Forces you to learn how to use the social media correctly. Because if you are not performing as well as somebody else than probably you are not doind things as well as you should. 5) Good social proof. You can’t rank well in Empire Avenue without being influential in the social media sites. To get high share value you must get retweeted, likes, view, comments, which will only happen if people listen to you. 6) Makes networking in social media fun – If you think that fun is not an important factor in life, you probably never saw the Fun Theory Videos.   You haven’t joined Empire Avenue yet? Do it now  

Basic Investing Concepts

There are a lot of shares that you can choose to “bet” your Eaves on. How do you know which stocks will be the best? Dividend Yield If you have 2 stocks, both priced a steady 100e for a long time, one pays a dividend of 0.5e a share, and the second pays a dividend of 1e a share, which one will you buy? Of course that you will take the one that pays more, i.e. the 1e a share, because it has more dividend yield. When the two stocks are not at the same price, you need to compare the dividend yield to understand which stock has more intrinsic value.   Growth Stocks Vs Value Stocks Growth Stocks are stocks that that you believe that are going to grow. In the real world it is pretty hard to determine, but luckily for us in Empire Avenue it is currently pretty easy: A person that just joined Empire Avenue with a huge twitter account, active blog and fanpage, a lot of Linkedin connection is probably going to increase in share value very fast. However, this kind of stocks has more risk attached with them. If the person behind the account will not play the game, his share price will drop eventually losing you money. Value Stocks are stocks that pays steady stream of dividends. They are usually very stable stocks, with share price above 100e and a dividend yield of above 1%.      

My Step by Step blueprint to make EAVs fast on Empire Avenue

First, this is what I have achieved using my strategy:

Emipre Avenue Wealth

I believe that my guide here will allow you to get even better results than I did, and get to your first million in even less than 30 days, since as you can see from the graph, my wealth really started accumulating only 2 weeks ago as a results of some of the tips that I am telling you today. If you start implementing the complete blueprint from day one, I am positive that you will get better than results than I did.   1) Install Pirillo Power Pack for Empire Avenue Chrome extension. QUICK UPDATE: Unfortunately, as a result from last EA design change, this pluging doesn’t sork any more. However, you can still calculate the dividend yield yourself: Share Price/Divedends It is available at this link. What this extension does is add a calculation of the dividend yield right next to the ticker that you are looking at.

empire avenue top roi

The higher the dividend yield the better. I usually don’t touch anything that is below 1.3%, but I try to find at least some shares with dividend yield above 1.7-1.8 everyday.

Huge tip: look for fresh faces (growth stocks) to give you the best ROI and dividend yield. If you find something like that:

empire avenue real hot stock

Than it means that you have found a treasure! Buy all-in without hesitating!

2) Join a community. I am a member of the TeamZen since day one in Empire Avenue and it is one of largest most active communities in Empire Avenue. I owe a big part of the accumulation of wealth to the investment tips shared on a daily basis in TeamZen. They even have a TeamZen facebook group (which helps you connect even faster with people) TeamZen recently won a contest with a rival community called XBAR. XBAR, as far as I can understand is also a very active community, but smaller one than TeamZen. How do you know which communities are really good? The members of the communities sometimes tag their tickers with the name of the community, as such:

empire avenue community tag

As you can see some people are a member of more than one community. What I suggest to you is go to the leader board, and see what community name pops more than the other. Of course that you too can join several groups and see which one do you more relate too.

3) Start every time with selling the “sliders” stocks in your portfolio. Go to your Home page -> My Portfolio -> sort by sliders,  and sell the shares that you own according to these parameters:
  • They are in the red zone, meaning they are losing you money.
  • They didn’t buy you back.
  • Their dividend yield is now lower than 1%.
Now you should have some money to invest!   4) Go to TeamZen and check for recommendations. Look for “top ROI” or “fresh faces” or any tips from Rob Nielsen which usually knows what he is talking about. Ron is a Zenner and a whole around great guy, and he also has a great fanpage in Facebook called Empire Avenue Guide, which you should definitely check daily as a great resource for recommendations. Another guy from TeamZen that gives great investment tips is Edney Souza, which gives a daily list of recommendations in TeamZen community inside Empire Avenue:

empire avenue recommendations

This is how people in TeamZen put their recommendations in the Facebook page of TeamZen:

teamzen facebook empire avenue recommendations

5) Invest 70% of your available money on Growth Stocks Look for stocks with high dividend yield, the higher the better. I would say 6) Split your buys. This is a mistake that I did at the beginning! When I saw a good stock, I immediately jumped all-in on it. I would suggest that you buy at least 10 stocks everyday. If this means that you buy 10 stocks than do it. It serves 3 functions:
  • Diversifing your portfolio, reducing the risk that exist when you buy Growth Stocks.
  • More people will notice you, and this will increase dramatically the chance that they will buy you back.
  • It will increase your share price. Since actions in Empire Avenue are part of the algorythm to calculate your share price,if you do more actions on Empire Avenue, and your share price will rise. This simple change in my blueprint increased my share price and my own dividend yield by 20%!!
The down side of diversifying, is that you pay more commissions, but using my system, because you invest in growth stocks that usually will at least double in price, in 5% commission is negligible in relations to the benefits it allows. 7) Invest 15% in buying back This is not an investment concept, but rather a strategy. Since my object in joining Empire Avenue is not to “win” the game, but rather to make connections with the people behind the shares, buying-back becomes an important issue. I see it as an act of courtesy and politeness, so I don’t consider ROI in the basic, eaves-money sense. Nevertheless, I do not buy-back blindly. I do check dividend yield before I buy back. If a person maxed out on me, he should be a really good friend in order for me to reciprocate his buy if he has a dividend yield less than 1%. 8) Invest the rest in Value stocks Start with 10 top shares in the “Share price leader board”. This is the point where you attempt to get connected with social media leaders. Start buying their shares, and they will start to know you. 9) Make it a habit for each stock that you buy:
  • Shout a hello message – This is a great opportunity to send them a link to your webpage, or instructions on how to connect with you even further.
  • Endorse every feed they have.
  • If they don’t have a feed I recommend them. Sometimes I do it even if
10) Keep doing the same steps over and over and over again That’s it. Although it sounds long and complex, I now can perform these steps in less than 20 minutes a day. I usually do it once in the morning, until I completely run out of money, and then once again in the afternoon after some people buy my stocks so I have more money to invest. If you follow these steps you are definitely going to succeed as I did. However, if you fail for any reason, or if you have objections, improvements or any kind of feedback please let me know so I can improve this blueprint to the benefit of us all. To your success, Hezi Hershkovitz hezi hershkovitz         PS: You can get updates like this and others by entering your name and email in the top right box of our site.

PSS: If you want the chance to become a millionaire in your real life check my blueprint here

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