Why would you need auto retweet system? Well, Automation is part of our life, and when it comes to success, it is a necessary tool that can be put to reduce the amount of time that we invest in mondain tasks, leaving us more time to involve in things that really need our full attention. So, is it possibile to put the task of retweeting on auto-pilot? Well, it seems that it is, and we are going to show you a way to do it for FREE. *************** UPDATE 13 Jan, 2012 **************** As you can see in the comments, this technique is no longer available because in the last step on the procedure, on TwitterFeed there appears a message that “twitter does not allow posting of twitter feeds back to twitter”. I still recommend that you go through this guide, becuase I really like yahoo pipes, I think that it is a great tool, and who knows, maybe you will find a use to it in the future. Unfortunately, I don’t know of an option to do auto retweet for free as of now, but I am using TweetAdder, and this software can do auto retweet. If you have any other way, you are welcome to share in the comments, so other people can benefit from it as well. *************** END OF UPDATE  ****************   But first: Is it a spam? Well, yes! if it is misused

Auto Retweet The Pros And Cons

This feature can be used to spam your followers. It is much the same as a gun can be negative when used as a weapon in the wrong hands, or positive when it is used for protection purposes. Some positive uses that can be used for the auto retweet feature can be:
  • Retweet tweets that require help or needs information (the tweet ends with ‘?’ or contains the word ‘need’)
  • Retweet disasters that happens worldwide such as the tzunami or earthquake.
  • Help your friends get more reach by retweeting their tweets.
  • Retweet automatically to your followers tweets from a selected group of people you find interesting
  • Retweet selected tweets based on a search results for a specific keyword related to the niche that interest you.
With so many good uses for this feature, lets see how it can be done completely for free:

Setting up a free auto retweet system

The method we are going to do it involves creating an RSS feed using Yahoo Pipes for the tweets that we want to retweets and then feeding them to twitterfeed If you are not familiar with Yahoo Pipes, than it is a web service tool that allows you to program small tasks over the internet on a GUI interface. The pipe that we created gets as an input any twitter public list, and returns as the result an RSS feed created from that list after adding the required ‘RT @’ symbol at the beginning of the tweet. The script also check that the full length of the tweet is no longer than 140 characters after adding the ‘RT @’ symbols. In addition, since we don’t want to spam our followers, the pipe filters the twitter list feed, and allow only one tweet for each unique user. twitter list to RSS If you want, you can use our pipe to create your own RSS from any public list on twitter, or you can ‘clone’ it so you can change it to better suits your needs (cloning a pipe will require that you will have a Yahoo Pipe account).

How should you use the auto retweet feature

To use our pipe: All you need to do is insert the twitter list name and the user name of  its creator into the textbox and hit ‘Run Pipe’, then ‘Get the RSS’, copy the link in the address bar and feed it to twitterfeed. Here is a video that we have made that hopefully explains this in a much better way.
If you have any trouble using the script feel free to comment and I promise that I will do my best to help you. We should upload very soon a new video that explain how how you can tweak the pipe that I created so it can better soon your need. Please use the auto retweet system very carefully, it can back fire on you in case you don’t know what you are doing. We certainly hopes that you will put it to good uses.   To your success! Hezi & Adriano   PS: You can get updates like this and others by entering your name and email in the top right box of my site.

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