I had crazy days lately. Everybody wants to get abroad GVO, and the phone is ringing continuously. Below is a proof that sometimes hard work is paying off:

gvo leader board november 2011


My team has passed even Joel Therien, the company CEO. And this is only after 3 days in the program, and it looks as if this is just the start.

GVO-hostthenprofit is a NEW worldwide opportunity. It is based on GVO services, but the price and the compensation plan are different.

Hostthenprofit is a revolutionary product. It allows everybody to start market online with as little as $10 a month. For that price you every tool that you need for you online business:

  • Hosting (cPanel) & an¬†Autoresponder – Must have services for every online marketer.
  • Web conference room – For Opportunity meetings or coaching your teams.
  • Video Hosting ¬†– Own the rights for your videos because free video sharing services >can some time close.
  • Internet Academy – Learn to market online from the bests. There is a webinar every Saturday

This is in addition to a great compensation plan paying you for 10 generations deep! This can mean hundreds and even thousands of dollars passive income every month.

This is a post that one of my team members posted today in our closed Facebook group: “I recommend everybody to start fast, this is a very simple business, highly duplicatable, and for a very low starting fee. Talk to 10-20 people, and you will sponsor 5-10. Let’s Rock!”   Did I mention that timing is critical and the sooner you jump onboard, you have bigger chance to achieve success?   If you want to be a part of my team and learn the secrets of our success, you are more than welcome. It is only $1 for the first week and then $9.97 for each month (and you get a complete internet marketing package).   Click below to secure your position in my fast growing team right now:


  To your success! Hezi skype: hezi.h            


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