I know that many out there have read good reviews about Groupon, but I stumbled onto “The Customer Advantage”, which is a huge potential. Just like in the grading system, I would give “The Customer Advantage” a straight up A+ for many reasons. This is why YOU, the customer, win over Groupon.

What is The Customer Advantage

They really came up with something catchy and unbelievable: imagine getting paid for the simple task of referring other people. There’s no money involved and there’s no limit as to how many people you refer to The Customer Advantage. The great thing is that you will continue to get a percentage from those you actually referred, as they do the same thing. This cycle goes on and on, the word spreads to hundreds (and who knows to thousands) and your share will become bigger. I know that this might sound a bit tricky; I was quite skeptical about it at first as well. I studied the program for about a week, trying to find holes, but to my surprise- everything is valid. The company will pay based on commission without having to charge any amount to its members, not even a membership fee. As a business owner, you will also get plenty of advantages from The Customer Advantage. They give you the opportunity to advertise your product to all the members, free of charge. What you have to do is just offer a discounted price or promotion, which of course, is only good for a certain period of time. You end up gaining repeat customers, who will also tell their family and friends about what you’re offering. Remember that you get to advertise your goods, as well as services for free and only when those customers start pouring in, will you have to pay The Customer Advantage fee. If these customers refer other people to the company and are tagged under you, then you will continuously get 5% as commission. So as you can see, the possibilities of business expansion are limitless. There’s no membership fee involved and as an entrepreneur, you get to advertise your product for free.  

Latest Update from The customer Advantage

I joined TCA about a month and a half  ago and it had only 60000 members. There are currently 90000 members, and it is still growing daily. From the emails that I recieve from the company management it seems that they are really sincere in their effort to bring this concept to life. He is a copy from the an email that I’ve just recently recieved: “Everyone knows the value of being early to something big. Take a moment to think back to your original introduction to TCA and your excitement about being involved at the pre-launch. As you think of that, keep it fresh in your mind. Congratulations and thank you too!. We are excited to be able to send this update e-mail! Its interesting, as simple as email seems, this email marks a milestone in our company history in preparation for our launch.  Remember you can always see our updates and other information by clicking on “FAQs” or “Community Home” tabs in the “Help” drop down menu at the top right of the back office home page. Our first deals going out will represent the beginning and the unfolding of the TCA vision that you, John, the programmers and corporate team of TCA, 80,000+ members in the field have been so excited to be part of.  We want to take this moment right now to thank you for your faith in the vision, your trust in John (as he literally has put everything and then some into creating TCA for us), and for all the work to get us to this point.  Many notable individuals who are close to corporate recently describe TCA as the most revolutionary business model to appear in the last century If not in ALL of recorded history! Of course, you and I know, It is this truth that drives, inspires and keeps us working harder than ever! On to some quick updates The 2nd corporate webinar last Thursday night can be accessed at the following link –  https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/370287024 We urge you to take a moment if you werent on live to listen.  The sound gets fixed at roughly the 3:30 mark.  You will hear and see some very updated information regarding hint,hint Our name, and what our deal pages look like.  Please dont ask ANY questions to support about our name.  John does a great job on the call in answering some common questions surrounding it.  We know youll be pleased by what he shares.” I haven’t put much effort in trying to promote TCA because I am very busy with some other projects that I am working on. However, I do believe that it is a great oppotunity, and it is completely free to join. How many opportunities to really earn money online without risking anything but your time do you know?  

How Much Can You Earn With The Customer Advantage

Feel free to play around with the TCA calculator to get a feel on how much money you can earn: The Customer Advantage Earning Calculator If you and each person in your team enroll just 1 person per month in the next 12 months, and each person will purchase just a 10$ coupon, you would still earn about 800$ a month, and this is the minimum parameters that you can think of. And then again, How hard can it be to recruit just one new member to you team every month for a free opportunity to earn money? However, No matter how great the opportunity is, even if it is free, TCA marketing tips are just NOT enough. You still need to know how to market it so you wouldn’t have to chase your family and friends. As I have mentioned, marketing yourself and letting people know the value you bring are crucial steps when climbing the ladder of success. You can sign-in to my free marketing newsletter, where I will send you a lot of additional tips how you can do just that. Here is my link to for you to go and check  The Customer Advantage right now. To your success! Hezi & Adriano   PS: You can get updates like this and others by entering your name and email in the top right box of my site.

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