A successful daily routine is what separating you from your dreams, or as explained by Jim Rohn

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment”

Today I will do something very special : The same exact thing I did yesterday and a day before and the day before and so on. Why is this so special? Well,  just read again Jim quote…

A daily routine is more important than skills

If you don’t have the skills yet,  just start with a daily routine of learning new skills everyday! While I believe I have built a strong daily routine, it was not always like this in the past. Let me tell you a funny story about my past daily routine. When I started my online business I was fascinated by it! It looked really cool and I was reading everything I could find about it on the Internet.
  • How to be a millionaire with 4 minutes a day using PPC… Boom . I bought a new eBook
  • Multi-Zillion dollar strategies using squidoo… bought another one
  • How a 4-years monkey made 6 figures online sending Bananas from her Zoo Jail… And so on…
Well, I spent a lot of money hoping to become a millionaire in a few months and at the end of a that period …..SHAZAN! I got a lot of eBooks, videos and more training that I can watch all my life, but NO MONEY! My daily routine was jumping from Facebook, to twitter to YouTube to blogger and so on. Every day there is a new never revealed super-hot-bullet-proof strategy. And every day there is a new marketer that want to sell it to you (and these guys know how to do it). After I bought almost every training (btw , some of them were really cool :<) ), I realized something was missing. Then a 5 minutes chat on internet with my mentor Ray had changed it all. Want to know what Ray wrote to me? Here it goes: Ray told me to create a daily routine.
A daily routine changed my career!!
Everybody wants to create a successful income stream and just be on the beach drinking coconuts, but let me tell you something! You Need to MOVE YOUR BUTT (I guess I already told you this, didn’t I…). It is not about a new tool or a new strategy… It’s about finding something that works for you and creating your daily success strategy. Of course, as your skills grow, you can add new strategies, but the point is you must have a daily routine to be successful.  

So how to build your daily routine ?

I don’t care if you are full-time or part-time, you should look at your daily routine like a real JOB. If you are an employee, you know exactly what you should be doing (at least, you are supposed to or you will get fired…). It is not different on your business, except for the fact that you are your own boss and will not get fired… just lose money and have no success. Your daily routine will depend on a series of factors like your strengths, your marketing strategies (online/offline), your business goals, compensation plan requirements and the best thing to do is get someone with more experience than you to help you/coach you on that.

Can your upline help you build your daily routine?

That’s a great question. If you ask him, he will probably answer a big YES – Of Course , just follow the system. We have a bullet-proof system that will make you a millionaire in 6 months! guaranteed! Well, sorry to tell you, but most chances are your upline have absolute no clue on how to build a successful online business. Is this your case? I Don’t know, check how successful your upline is. If  he has the results that you want, congrats. If no, well, I suggest you find someone who can really coach you. It can be in your sponsorship line, a cross line, or even someone from another company. Avoid the trap of getting coached by someone  with no previous online success. If you don’t have a someone to coach you, I strongly suggest you to find someone inside MLSP

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What should your daily routine include

Your routine should include dedicated time for physical, mental & spiritual development. Here are a few suggestions (based on my routine):
  • Physical – I run everyday in the morning. This pump blood to my brain and give me ideas about my posts! This is usually the best time of the day for me.
  • Mental – I learn marketing skills on a daily basis, usually, from the trainings inside MLSP.
  • Spiritual – I meditate everyday and this allows me to feel more connected to the world.
Don’t forget to leave time for your family and loved ones. This is your fuel, and now you can concentrate on the most important part of your daily routine: Generating leads and calling your prospects/customers! Every mentor I ever talked about this, agrees that 90% of your daily routine should be focused on prospecting, but the facts are the most people have no idea on how to do it (just go there and chase your friends & family on your amazing biz opportunity… again, …daaaaa). You should be generating at least 30-50 leads a day as part of your daily routine to success. And yes, I know you don’t know how to do it yet. Don’t Panic. We’ll be teaching you exactly this in the next posts. Just get the training that I got from Ray on how to generate tons of leads with free strategies.

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To your success,

Hezi Image: photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net PS: Want to know my exactly daily routine ? Just leave a nice comment asking below and I will let you know    
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