If you are still not using Google Plus maybe you’re missing a great opportunity to be in the front of the most interesting development that is taking place in the Internet world today, that you can definitely take advantage to grow your network marketing business. Google Plus is a new social network that was introduced two weeks ago, but it’s already making a serious buzz. It is the fastest growing social network ever, with over 20 millions active members, growing at a rate of 500,000 new users that are joining every day. The benefits of Google Plus to network marketers are:
  • Meet new people you can market your business to
  • Find leading people to follow in your niche
  • Give free training sessions to your organization

What is Google Plus

The best way to understand Google Plus is that it is a mixture between Facebook and Twitter: On Facebook you usually only add to your friends people who you really know, while on Twitter you can follow whoever you want to hear his tweets (including Obama, for example). Google Plus allows you to follow who ever you want just like Twitter, but without the limitation of 140 characters that exists in Twitter. Using the innovative feature of the Google Plus circles, you can also control your privacy, and share messages with just certain people like you can do in Facebook . Another reason why you should get to know Google Plus is that according to first feedbacks from users, this social network is very active and it encourages interaction between people. It seems that people who are there now are more open-minded to try new things, so it is easy to connect with new people. Also, immediately after you join, at least you have one common topic of conversation:  How Google plus is a lot more cooler than Facebook!  

What are the benefits of Google plus over Facebook?

On Facebook, it is commonly acceptable to be friend with only the people you know. If you’re asking someone who you do not know to be his friend, you might be treated with suspicion and if they choose to report your activity, it can lead to banning your account. On Google Plus you can follow everyone, and every one can follow you. If you are in network marketing, understand that everybody that follow you, hear all of your status updates. This is an excellent way to make new contacts, and spread your information around. But exactly how and why people will follow you, if they don’t know you?  

How to meet new people from your niche in Google Plus

This technique is very similar to what we already shown in our Facebook guide for network marketers. In Network Marketing, we are constantly looking to meet new people to show them our opportunity, and in Google Plus there are by now millions of people from around the world that we can connect with. You can find people who belong to a certain niche-specific or even a particular company using the search bar inside Google Plus, as you can see in the following image:

google plus network marketing

This search will return users that have used this keyword in their biography. That is, if we want to look for people with entrepreneurial mind, we can look for people who indicated that they are “entrepreneur” or “self-employed”. After you have found people who we find interesting, you have two options: 1) Create a special circle for people who are potentially interesting to you, but you haven’t yet interacted with. You can call this cycle “prospects” or “candidates” or whatever sounds good to you (the people who you circle don’t know what is the name of the circle that you inserted them into). This way, you can learn about these people before you contact them. You can begin to respond to their posts and statuses, 1+ them, reshare them, so they get to know you a little bit. You will see that as a result, some of them (and even some of their followers) will circle you. The moment someone is circling you, is a great moment to send them a personalized message, just like we’ve shown in our Facebook webinar. 2) If you feel comfortable with it, you can “speed” things up a little, and send them a personal message immediately:

google plus network marketing message

And yes, you can send a message even to the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Mark has a Google Plus account, but I would not recommend sending him a message. This is unless you are willing to the take the risk of being banned from both Google Plus and Facebook for spamming.  

How to market your network marketing business on Google Plus

The first way is doing exactly as described in our Facebook guide: to make contact with people in your niche, start asking them questions, like how well they do in their business, what do they find difficult, and expose them to your opportunity at the right moment after you have established a relationship of trust with them. There is another way to market your business on Google plus. Once you have added people to your circles, some of them will circle you right back. These people will begin to see everything you post in the stream of their home page. This is your opportunity to turn their attention to your opportunity. Disclaimer: Be careful not to do it in a way that might upset people so that they will report you as a spammer.  

How to do free training sessions to your team over the Internet using Google Plus

Google Plus Hangouts are an innovative feature that does not exist on Facebook. Hangouts allow video conferencing between up to ten people, and the ability to watch videos on YouTube at the same time in sync. Think how you can use this feature to make training calls and brainstorming sessions with your team, or even exposure presentations to new prospects. The advantages here are that anyone can join the hangout in the comfort of their home, you don’t have to pay money to a rent a hall or a room for the meeting, you save money on fuel and also the time spent on riding your car to the meeting. I believe that every dollar that you save, buy you more time to survive until you reach profits in your business. And the real beauty of this method is that it is absolutely 100% fully duplicatable in your organization. Today you do a webinar to one of your team member using Google Plus Hangout, and tomorrow he can do it to his team member as well.  

How to join Google Plus

So far the responses for Google plus are mainly positive. It seems that everyone who joins this social network loves it right away. There is no doubt that Google surprised Facebook here, creating a quality product that looks good, and much more important functions really well. There are no bugs that I have seen or know of, and there are many functional benefits that Facebook lack or doesn’t even have, and probably will not have in the near future. To join Google Plus now you need an invite. If you do not know anyone that can send you one, leave us a message here with your e-mail. Hope this post will give you ideas on how to start your business running in the new social network that I am sure you are going to hear a lot about in the future. To your success Hezi Hershkovitz  (My profile on Google plus)
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