Let’s all admit it; getting a raise would definitely be great news. As they say, you won’t get what you want if you just stay quiet and let the opportunity pass you by. Here are tips on how to actually get that raise you’ve always wanted. 1. Ask for it- Nothing will happen if you just crouch behind your desk and stay silent. Asking for a raise is not a bad idea, so don’t hesitate because you think it’s too much or that it will make you seem ungrateful. On this note, make sure you consider certain factors such as how long you’ve been with the company, your performance level, and the like. Also, don’t go about it in a blunt manner. You have to learn how to ask appropriately and effectively. 2. Don’t be demanding- A lot of people think that by giving ultimatums, they make a positive impact; but this is a false belief. Keep in mind that your work environment is filled with people who would also love a raise and they are there to compete, in one way or another. Being demanding will do nothing but create a negative image of you and when worst comes to worst, your bluff just might become a reality. 3. Determine your worth- How can you get a raise when you don’t even know your value? That is why you must be informed and updated about the wages in your area or industry. A great way for you to do this is by browsing through the top online sites/job recruiters, giving you an idea of what to expect.  Remember that the workplace should always be fair; don’t expect a raise if you know it’s not well-deserved. An excellent site to do that for free is PayScale. 4. Show your value- There’s definitely a thin line between being confident in yourself and being boastful or cocky. Whether it’s in the office or somewhere else, people resent this type of personality. So instead of talking about how great you are, show and prove your worth. In no time, people, including your boss, will take notice and viola- raise granted! 5. Have a plan B! Always be prepared to the possibility that you will get rejected. However, don’t take it personally. Sometimes your company might not be in a good shape that it can afford to give you a raise. It is good to actually get a job proposal before you go to your boss, but be polite when you talk to him: It is better if you tell him that you really want to stay, but you can’t with the current salary and you that you know you worth more because you have a better job proposal at hand. He might even appericiate you more for your honesty. I hope these tips will help you get what you deserve. Good Luck!    
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Hezi Hershkovitz

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