free-traffic-systemToday we’ll start to create your free traffic system and by the end of this post you will know how to generate massive free traffic so you can start making some money. By free traffic system, I mean everything that is free & can generate traffic: Like Facebook, YouTube , Blog , etc. . There are really lots of free traffic strategies, but in order to get all the power and leverage that you can get you need to know how they work together, so you can maximize the viral effect & synergy. That’s why I called it a free traffic system, and not only free traffic strategies. I want you to think about your free traffic system like an  engine, where the 1st gear spin the 2nd,  that spin the 3th , that drive more power to the 1st one, creating a growing momentum.  

Why I love so much a free traffic system

One of the most important things on a free traffic system is that, since you don’t need money to start it , almost everyone in your team can do it. If you are on a big budget, maybe the easiest way for you is to drive some traffic using paid traffic strategies (like Google PPC), but chances are that most people in your team can’t spent hundreds of dollars on Google . If you learn how to create a good free traffic system you will be able to give amazing value to your team and allows anyone to do the same! Just imagine when your next sharp prospect asks you how he will sell the products, you will answer: Well, Mr. Sharp Prospect, we teach out team how to sell online using free stuff like FB and Twitter. Everybody know how sales on internet  are booming, so we’ll just show you how to profit from it.

The four stages of a free traffic system

  The first stage of your free traffic system: Your Learning phase. Well, I know that you want to start making money, but before you can really do it big time, it’s better to invest some time on your education. Anyway, you will be able to start to create some leads on this phase despite this is not your main focus. Get in the social media and find some friends so you can learn from them. Check what people are talking about, and what kind of posts is getting more traffic. So you are actually achieving 2 very important goals: 1. Making friends that will later help to share your content and more important.. 2. Finding ideas on what to create content about   Second stage: Starting to create content Start to create pieces of content based on what you previous learned. Create blog posts, videos, articles. These are your goals for this stage: – Find what kind of media work better for you (Blog, Video, Webcast). – Start to measure your results and how your friends react to your content (or not)   Third stage: Leverage the components of your free traffic system. Well, now you will start to put everything together so you can leverage your efforts. You send your followers from twitter, to your Facebook and from there you send them links to your blog. In your blogs you have your videos from YouTube. As you become more popular (either on YouTube, Facebook or whatever) people from one media will start find you on other medias as well.   Forth stage: Getting viral by giving some real value
“You can have everything you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want” ~Zig Ziglar.
As you work your business daily, you will be learning new techniques, you will understand what works and what not, and you will be getting over some pitfalls. So do you think that your value to your team will improve by mastering these skills? You bet it will! Now is the time for you to start sharing some real value. By doing this, people will start to share more and more of your content and your lead generation will grow exponentially!!   Last stage: The mentor The last stage is when you become a mentor. Well, man, this is heaven or nirvana and this is a point where even if you stop to work your biz will still continue to grow. In this point people are literally trying to get a few minutes of your time and will be willing to pay for it. So let’s start As I told you on the beginning of this post, I want you to start generating some traffic. The easiest and best way for you to start is probably Facebook, so here is just one real cool FREE video on how to start creating your empire on Facebook

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To Your Success, Hezi Hershkovitz hezi hershkovitz   Join me on my Facebook Page: Hezi on Facebook Follow me on Twitter: Hezi on Twitter   Image:  grendelkhan (flickr)   PS: If you are already using the same system that I am (MLSP), this training is inside the system and you can use it to generate some leads also PS2: If you enjoyed this post about how to create a free traffic system, share with your friends and leave your comment below.  
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