Everything nowadays has a price tag. With this said, it is also unquestionable why money is essential to us. The bottom line is- if you want something, then you’ll have to pay for it. Looking at it from the economics perspective, money is actually the universal trade item. Although this is the case, there are others who feel that money is bad, which has a huge influence over their life. Think of it this way: If you think that money is bad, you probably not going to have it, which will condamn you to be a poor person for all of your life. Let’s look at the various advantages of having money and see whether they outweigh the bad. First off, with money, you can do things. Of course this does not mean your day-to-day activity such as shopping, but something much bigger and meaningful. You can go into business or build a foundation to benefit children/sick individuals. As they say, you may have the best ideas in this world, but without the fund, you will most likely not be able to make them a reality. With this said, it’s safe to say that money does have an influence on people. Let’s say you want someone to clean your garage; you won’t try something silly such as threat them to do it for you, will you? What will happen is that you will offer a certain amount of money, in exchange for the service being provided to you. Having money can be a powerful thing, wherein you might just have people lining up to talk and interact with you. The key point here is to do something positive with this said ‘power’ and create change. Money is also a major part when it comes to politics. As you may have witnessed, politicians do not just get voted by chance. These individuals actually get out there and promote themselves, which in turn, requires a pretty big amount of money. Of course this does not mean they should or that they ‘bought’ the peoples votes, but rather, they made use of having such a hefty amount of cash. Money should be used smartly by politicians and not to conquer their personal material goals, as well as wants in life. Last but not the least; let’s talk about money and fame. It is fair to say that money can make someone famous, just look at some of our celebrities to date. Moving forward, I’ve also noticed that if you have money, tendencies are more people will listen and value your opinion. In this aspect, a person should not move and make decisions based on greed, but should have a deeper reason for things. When you try to understand your attiutude to money, you will come to realize that it has formed over the years by the education that was given to you by your parents and your surronding environment. Does any of these following sentences sounds familiar to you?
  • “Money doesn’t bring you happiness” – This a true sentense: There are rich people that are sad. Nevertheless, being poor doesn’t promise you a happy life either.
  • “Money doesn’t grow on trees”- Correct. Most rich people have worked real hard to become rich. If you ever try, you are probably going to find that accumulating wealth is among the hardest thing that you will ever do. This is one reason why so many people don’t even try.
  • “Rich people have no friends”- This sentense imlplies that rich people have accumulated their money by being gready and by stepping over their friends on their way to the top. Although this is sometimes the true, this is not the common case. Open any Furtune 500 and realize that it is actually the other way around, since these richest men alive, are usually very influencial, and therefore have many friends.
As you can see, money is definitely not bad and having plenty of it can actually bring forth positive results. Remember to never be blinded by money and to always use it wisely.  
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Hezi Hershkovitz

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