All mentors agree that creating a thankful mindset is critical to achieve success in business, life or in any area. This are 2  amazing exercises I learned from Ray Higdon (Virtual money immersion – Part I) that will help you creating a thankful mindset. I strong suggest that you do this at home !! Will definitively blow your mind !! Thankful

Exercise 1 – Write 3 things that you can do to improve your energy level and create a thankful mindset

Here is my 3 things (I added a few more) –    Gym: I love to run and I do this daily. It is amazing the energy level that I get when I finish a run! –    Learn the Bible: It is an amazing text that always brings my soul to a higher level. –    Play with the kids/with my new dog. –    Read good book / watch a good training (MLSP is a great source of unlimited free trainings) –    Rewiew exercise 2 (see below) –    A lot of other things …lol

Exercise 2 – Write 100 Things that you are Thankful for

The cool thing is that whether this can be a little difficult in the beginning to find 100 things (at least it was for me)… once you open your mind, you will be able to find a lot more than 100 things The key is to learn to say thanks for every thing that happen in your life! Write 100 Things that you are Thankful for !! Here is my list: ==> I used “I’mT” as abbreviation for “I am thankful”. Family Thankfull thinks !! 1.    I am Thankful to my Grandfathers & Grandmother Eva, R.I.P 2.    I am Thankful to my Grandmother Sara, may God give her more years with us 3.    I am thankful to my Dad 4.    I am thankful to Mom 5.    I am thankful to my brothers 6.    I am thankful I married my 1st wife 7.    I am thankful we got a quick divorce (was a hard lesson but it help me to be a better husband) 8.    I am thankful I didn’t have kids from my 1st marriage, it would have made stuff quite complicated 9.    I am thankful I met my second wife 10.    I’mT we have 2 amazing girls Body 11.    I’mT that my body is in good health 12.   I am thankful that I am overweight, it allows me to be more aware of my food 13.    I’mT that I have high colestherol, same reason 14.   I am thankful that I have bad genetics for diabetics 15.   I am thankful that I have access to a nutritionist for free and btw, good chances that we are going to do business together 16.    I’mT that I can see 17.    I’m that I hear 18.    I am thankful that I can speak 19.    I am thankful that I know 4 languages Spiritual 20.    I am thankful that I am a jew 21.    I am thankful that I born in a secular family 22.    I am thankful that I became more religious later 23.    I’mT that my family became more religious later 24.    I’m that we receive the bible 25.    I am thankful thank have laws that improve my life 26.    I am thankful that I have daily conversation with God Material 27.    I’mT that I was born in Brazil 28.    I’mT that I emigrated to Israel 29.    I’mT for the house we live in 30.   I am thankful for the new house we are building 31.    I’mT for my car 32.    I’mT for my computer 33.    I’mT that I have access too the internet 34.    I’mT that I know how to use the internet 35.    I’mT that for my 1st Sponsor in MLM – Sigal Yitschak Thank to people that spiritually inspire me 36.   I am thankful to our patriarches Abraham, Issac & Jacob 37.   I am thankful to all of our Masters Joseph, Moises, Aaron, etc 38.    I am thankful  to all of our Kings Saul, David, Salomon 39.    I’mT thankful  for R. Nachman 40.   I am thankful for Lubavitch Rabbi 41.   I am thankful for Rav Arush 42.    I’mt for Yehuda Horev 43.    Im’t again to my father & mother for how he inspire spiritualy 44.    I am thankful to the master of all – GOD Thank to people that inspire me on life 45.   I am thankful to Steve Jobs 46.    I am thankful to Tonny Robbins & Robin sharma 47.    I am thankful to Rick & Dick Hoyt 48.    I’mT Martin Luther King, M. Teresa , Ghandi and so many others Thanks to people that inspire me as a Professional 49.    I am thankful to Randy Gage 50.    I am thankful to Randy Schroeder 51.    I am thankful to Eric Worrie 52.    I am thankful again to my father & mother for how he inspire as a professional 53.    I’mT to Dani Johnson 54.    I am thankful to David & Ann Feinstein 55.    I’mT to Kobi&Liel avisar 56.    I’mT to Yair Bar Lev 57.    I am thankful to Varda Kantor 58.    I am thankful to All my biz partners in Agel: Adi&Yaelit, Sara, Shiri & Yakov, Rinat and all the other I forgot 59.    I’mT to Mike Dillard for her amazing free attraction marketing videos 60.    I’mT to Tom Big All Schroeder 62.    I’mT to B. Fannale and MLSP team 63.    I’m specially thankfull to Ray Higdon ! 64.    I’m Thnakfull to Mavis Nong 65.    I’mT to all my downlines 66.    I’mT to everyone that say that I can do it 67.    I’mT to everyone that say that I can’t do it, cause they challenge me to work harder 69.    I’mT to all crosslines 70.    I’mT to everybody that is part of this life changing industry 71.    I’mT to everyone that say that I am amazing 72.    I am thankful to everyone that say that I am genius 73.    I’mT that I am a genius 74.   I am thankful to everyone that say that I am crazy (they are probabily right ) 75.    I’mT to Jim Rohn 76.    I’mT to Zig Ziglair 77.    I’mT that I wil make a online empire 78.    I’mT that I failed my way to success 79.    I’mT to all the good things that happen to me 80.    I’mT to all that things that seemed bad when they happened , because they results in the one I become 81.    I’mT that we live in the information era 82.    I’mT that is easy to make money now than never 83.    I am thankful that I am creating amazing wealth online 84.    I’mT that I am able to provide all my family needs 85.    I’mT that I have a electronic engineer degree 86.    I’mT that I worked at Hi-tech 87.    I’mT that I made a lot of money on Hi-tech 88.    I’mT that I am not in Hi-tech any more ( HARD J.O.B ) 89.    I’mT that I am my own Boss 90.    I am thankful for all my the startups that I am working on 91.    I’mT that I have a multiple income streams 92.    I’mT that I traveled a lot of places on vacation 93.    I’mT that I traveled a lot of places building my business 94.    I’mT that yesterday we have dinner with my extended family 95.    I’mT that the food was realy great 96.    I’mT that we drive back safely home 97.    I’mT that I watch Hoverson webinar yesterday 98.    I am thankful that I will made a lot of money from what I learn (and  I can coach you how do the same ) 99.    I am thankful that there is so much to learn 100.   I am thankful that we have air conditioner at home (realy cold outside) 101.   I am thankful that we have someone that clean our home 102.   I am thankful that I find great partners everyday 103.    I’mT that I am creating my destiny now !! 104.    I’mT that I will make this world a better place 105.   I am thankful that I finished this homework !! 106.   I am thankful to everyone that will add new things to be thankful for

Now it is up to you!! Please add a few things more that you are also thankful for

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