It goes to say that everyone loves the Beatles; but do you know you can actually learn business lessons from them? As the saying goes,’ you can buy everything except for love.’ The fantastic four conquered the music scene, but beyond that, they actually have something for business gurus and aspirants alike. They wanted to be at the top and like everything else in the world; rejections were also part of their struggle. In the world of business, the lesson here is to never be afraid to reach for your goals and express them out loud. Another strong point that you can take from The Beatles is how to employ the right set of individuals, whether you’re running a small group or an empire. It was said before that John Lennon was actually hesitant about attaching the Paul McCartney band. They say that he was afraid of how good McCartney was that he might just be overshadowed. In the end, he decided to let McCartney join, after giving it some thought, and look at the result-spectacular.  Be sure to get the opinion of everyone that’s part of your staff. Look at their interests and when making a decision, do not base it on our own convenience or preference, but instead on the overall interest of the organization. The business secrets of the fab four In a new book: “Come Together: The Business Wisdom of The Beatles” by Richard Courtney and George Cassidy, It is suggested that the beatles success was not due to random luck. They aimed high from the very beginning,  they  did not reach fame with a snap of their fingers. They went through hardships and along the way, their professionalism, as well as endurance were tested. Here are the core principles that helped the success of the band and these tips can help bussiness men and entrepreneurs to achieve success in their field:
  • Start young (or at least as soon as possible) – We all know that they started out young and jumped onto the bandwagon early on; the great thing is that these experiences made them stronger all throughout the years. As a business man, don’t be afraid of challenges. Greet struggles with hard work and determination so that you will succeed.
  • Branding – In the case of the Beatles, it meant their famous haircuts (In Elvis case it meant his dancing).  The haircuts draw attention to them, and made them appear differnet than their competitors.
  • Hard work –  Especially in the beginning of their career in Hamburg.
  • Learn from the best in your field – At the beginning of the their way, the band used to listen to records of Elvis, Buddy Holy and Ray Chales, who where the best musicians of their generation.
  • Get Expert assistanse – The Beatles chose Brian Epstein to be their manager, and he dealt with the business and marketing aspects of the band, helpin to transform it to the international brand that we all know today.
  • Good customer service – The band returned love to thier fans (or should we say: customers).  The four took the time to answer fan letters, and every year they created christmas albums for their fan clubs.
Lastly, I want to share a lesson that will definitely help you in the field of business and that is to always learn something from a mistake. The Beatles went through a lot and made plenty of mistakes. But this did not stop them from becoming ‘great’ because they always learned something. One of their biggest mistakes was selling their rights, a mistake that was very hard to recover from over the years.  Although this was the case, the group managed to get back up even stronger. As they say ‘do not cry over spoiled milk.’ I hope that you were able to pick up important business lessons from The Beatles just like me and thousands of people around the globe.
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