business lessonsYesterday , I ask my boss (e.g me) to take a day off and I met two very successful professionals that teach me some great Business lessons that I want to share with you here. As I’m always in a fast-learning mode, I have decided to implement these tips in my business immediately and believe you should do the same. These are the stories of what happened to me and the Business lessons that I have learned from them:

The first story is about a very successful building contractor

A friend of mine is building a new home , so I went with him to get a hear his price quoutation. Well, apparently where other contractors just get your details and send you a proposal, this guy was a little smarter: He tell us to come to see a new project he is working on and that he will be giving us some tips. When we get there, his showed us his on site office and shows us that he is all the time on the building site. Unlike the other contractors that just send you a proposal, he takes us to site, ask if we want to get something to drink and start to give us some real tips. My friend is building a basement, so he explains us something related to that and shows us what is the correct way to build it. He continues to explain, giving some real instructions and explain what we need to look for. Before he even got to the price, it was obvious that my friend was sold. I believe that what sealed the deal was when the contractor told my friend that he loves to help & teach people how to do build the right way. He also said that If it’s God wish, they’ll build together, if no , it’s OK also. Absolutely NO PUSHING. Well, his initial price was almost 20% more expansive than everybody else. When my friend mentioned that, he just say “I know I am more expansive “, and explained that the money is important but more important is the benefit of having a house that you will enjoy for a lifetime and the tranquility when you know that you are working with a good professional. Did you get it? This 30-years-of-experience professional was using attraction marketing! He was leading by giving value and differentiating himself from the mass. He is than able to sell his services with a premium! Is my friend going to hire him? Not sure, but I believe that he is very tempted and attracted to do so, even that the price difference is HUGE! And what is giving him the edge is doing things different than the rest of the niche. In other words, simply:
Be unique, stand out from the crowd, and people will be naturally attracted to you.

The second story has a couple of Business lessons and is very critical to your success.

It’s about a meeting with my father lawyer. This guy is a real top professional, a lot more expensive than all the other lawyers we talked with before him. Can you see it? Again, the price is NOT important if:
  • You know how to attract the correct customer.
  • You can show your value and differentiate from others.
Well , This guy is my father lawyer for more than a year now, but I have only just talked to him a very few times:
  • When we close the deal with him!
  • One time when he showed up in court.
  • Yesterday, we had a 4 hours meeting with his trainee, and then he just showed up for a 15 minutes to make his “show”.
  • The next time I will see him is again in court and I am sure that he will do a great job.
All the other time, we just talked to his low payed trainee, who got all the stuff done for him , including answering our questions and spending time with us . But the guy is there when we need him the most , e.g. on the court and then he get the job done very professionally. Critical Business Lesson here : He is investing his time to do the most important & critical part of his business. He is paying someone else to do the other stuff. This way he is able to serve more people and eventually make more money (Isn’t that what you want to do also ??) Now a few questions for you to sum up my business lessons :
  • Are you in Always LISTEN MODE?? Do you have an open mind and always looking to learn from others?
  • Are you leading with value? are you able to sell your stuff even at a higher price because people are attracted to your knowledge?
  • Are you using your time to do your most producing revenue activities like my father lawyer is doing?
To your success, Hezi Hershkovitz hezi hershkovitz Join me on my Facebook Page: Hezi on Facebook Follow me on Twitter: Hezi on Twitter   Image : joeshlabotnik (flickr)   PS: Isn’t that great that I am my own boss? If you want to fire your boss also CLICK HERE to see how you can do this PPS: If you enjoyed these business lessons, share them with your friends and colleagues, and tell me about that in the comments below!
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