Hello, SuccessHowTo readers! It’s Hezi here, back again and this time with an exciting exploration into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). I’ve been delving into the rapidly evolving field of AI and its potential for revolutionizing productivity, especially for solo entrepreneurs like myself.

As an entrepreneur, one of the biggest challenges we face is time management. With so many tasks to juggle and so little time, it can often feel like a constant race against the clock. That’s where AI comes in. It’s not just about automation – it’s about smart automation. It’s about harnessing cutting-edge technology to get more done, in less time.

Where Have I Been?

Before we delve deeper, I want to take a moment to acknowledge the elephant in the room – my prolonged absence from this blog. Many of you may have wondered where I’ve been for the past four years. The truth is, I’ve been wholly absorbed in a different business venture, a software development project that has not only been very successful but is also something I’m extremely passionate about.

Despite the success and fulfillment this venture has brought me, it didn’t leave me much time for other pursuits, including keeping this blog updated. However, that’s about to change. The recent advancements in AI, especially after OpenAI added the browsing and plugins capabilities, have opened up possibilities that I couldn’t ignore.

AI imaging “solo entrepreneur working on a laptop”

I’ve realized that AI can help me automate tasks like never before, making me more productive with the limited time that I have. It’s a potential game-changer for solo entrepreneurs who are always racing against the clock. So, I’ve decided to dive back into the world of blogging, but this time, with a trusted AI assistant by my side. Welcome to this exciting journey of exploration and discovery.

What Is My Plan?

Now that we’ve addressed the past, let’s look towards the future. You might be wondering how I plan to incorporate AI into my routine and what that means for this blog. Here’s the plan:

Despite the demanding nature of my main job, I’ve committed to dedicate an hour a day to explore the advances in AI and how it can help businesses and solo entrepreneurs like myself. It’s a field that’s growing so fast it’s hard to keep up with, but that’s precisely what makes it exciting. Even as a software engineer, I find myself both thrilled and slightly unnerved by the progress AI has made.

I plan to document this journey right here, on the Success How To blog. We’ll delve into various AI technologies, including OpenAI’s GPT-4, other LLMs like Google’s BERT, and private GPT alternatives like Vicuna and Alpaca. I’m also interested in the intersection of AI and cryptocurrencies, which could add a whole new dimension to this exploration.

One exciting development I am keen to explore is the emergence of AI agents. These are AI systems that can take a task and complete it from end to end. An example of this is the open-source project BabyAGI. While I haven’t tried it myself yet, it seems promising and provides a glimpse into the future of AI.

My goal is not only to learn but also to share these insights with you all. And the best part? All of this will be facilitated by HeziBot, an AI language model powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, which will be assisting me in writing these blog posts.

Why Is This the Best Time to Be an Entrepreneur?

Now that we’ve laid out the plan, I want to take a moment to talk about why I believe this is the best time to be an entrepreneur. There are several reasons for this, but one of the most compelling is the advent of AI technology.

AI has started to reach a level of sophistication that is truly game-changing. Not only can it automate routine tasks, but it’s also capable of learning, adapting, and making decisions. This means that entrepreneurs can leverage AI to not only save time but also improve their decision-making processes, create more personalized customer experiences, and even innovate new products and services.

What’s more, AI tools are becoming increasingly accessible. With platforms like OpenAI and others offering powerful AI capabilities, entrepreneurs don’t need a background in machine learning or a team of data scientists to benefit from AI. All that’s required is a willingness to learn and adapt.

In a span of just 10 years, AI has evolved from learning to identify cats and dogs to performing complex tasks that we once thought were exclusive to human intelligence. It has outpaced our expectations, rapidly encroaching on territories once thought to be safe from automation. Creative professions such as artists, doctors, and even software developers like myself are now witnessing the dawn of AI capabilities that could potentially mimic, if not surpass, human creativity and problem-solving.

What’s astonishing is how quickly this transition has occurred. Most of us didn’t see it coming. But, as the saying goes, “the best way to predict the future is to create it.” So, instead of viewing these advancements as a threat, I see them as an opportunity—an opportunity to work smarter, not harder. An opportunity to bring my ideas to life faster and more effectively. And, most importantly, an opportunity to share my journey with you and perhaps inspire others to embark on their own AI journeys.

Unleashing the Power of AI: My Arsenal

The beauty of AI is that it’s not a monolith. There are a myriad of tools and resources out there that can help you get started or enhance your AI journey. Here are some that I personally use or find interesting:

FutureTools: This website collects and organizes some of the best AI tools available today. It covers a wide range of categories from AI detection to voice modulation, productivity, research, and more​

LangChain: LangChain is a GitHub library that facilitates the building of applications with large language models (LLMs) through composability. It is particularly helpful if you’re looking to build applications that involve question answering over specific documents, chatbots, agents, and more

MyMind: MyMind is a tool that helps you remember everything without the need for organizing. It uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze and tag images, articles, and websites, making it easy for you to find them later. It’s like having a visual bookmarking

Agents: Here’s a category that deserves a blog post of its own!
Tools like AgentGPT, BabyAgi, and Auto-GPT are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with AI agents. If you’re interested in exploring advanced AI applications, these tools are a must-visit. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post where we delve deeper into this fascinating area.

Remember, these are just some of the tools available out there. The AI landscape is vast and ever-evolving, so always keep an eye out for new and exciting resources that can aid you on your journey.

Should You Upgrade to ChatGPT Pro?

In the rapidly evolving world of AI, it’s vital to stay updated with the latest tools and technologies. One such tool that has been making waves recently is the upgraded version of ChatGPT, known as ChatGPT Pro. And the question on everyone’s mind is: Is it worth it?

The answer, in my opinion, is a resounding yes! Let me explain why.

ChatGPT Pro offers significant enhancements over the standard version. The most notable of these are the plugins and browsing capabilities, which have proven to be game changers. Plugins extend the functionality of the AI model, allowing for more customized and nuanced responses. Browsing, on the other hand, enables the model to pull in real-time information from the internet, providing up-to-date and accurate responses.

As of writing this post, GPT-4 is the best model available according to Chatbot Arena (unfortunately, the link could not be opened at this time). It’s closely followed by Google’s Bard, which also boasts internet access and is expected to have plugins soon. However, I have spent most of my time with GPT-4 and its plugins, and the results have been exceptional.

The cost of ChatGPT Pro might initially seem a bit steep at $20 per month. However, considering the significant improvements in AI performance, the cost becomes a small price to pay for the value you receive. Comparing it with other large language models (LLMs), I find that I get better results with GPT-4.

It’s important to remember that the AI field is changing at a breakneck pace. As such, it’s possible that in the near future, another model might emerge that outperforms GPT-4. Rest assured that I will keep you updated with any significant changes in this space. So, do make sure to check back on the blog for future updates.

In summary, if you’re looking to maximize your productivity and take advantage of the latest developments in AI, I highly recommend upgrading to ChatGPT Pro. It’s an investment that, in my opinion, is well worth it.


We’re living in exciting times. The AI revolution is transforming every aspect of our lives, and it’s an adventure that’s just beginning. In this post, we’ve discussed the state of AI in 2023, the impact it’s having on entrepreneurship, and how it’s transforming the way we work. We’ve also explored some of the best resources for harnessing the power of AI, and looked at whether upgrading to ChatGPT Pro is worth it.

The power of AI is immense, but like any tool, it’s how you use it that counts. In this rapidly evolving landscape, it’s more important than ever to stay informed, to experiment, to learn, and most importantly, to share your experiences. And that’s exactly what I plan on doing.

So, here’s my call to action for you:

If you’re interested in learning more, I’m offering a detailed paid lesson where I’ll share my entire process of how I created this post using AI. You’ll get to see behind the scenes, learn my tips and tricks, and understand how to leverage AI in your own work.

Or, if you prefer to stay updated with my journey, you can connect with me on Twitter. I regularly share updates, insights, and reflections on my AI journey. I look forward to connecting with you and hearing about your own AI adventures.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Here’s to the future, and to the exciting possibilities that AI holds for us all!

Disclaimer: The information in this blog post is generated by an AI language model and is intended for informational purposes only. While we have taken steps to ensure the accuracy of the information, it may contain errors or inaccuracies. In addition, some of the content may be derived from a variety of sources and may potentially violate copyrights. If you believe that any content infringes upon your rights or is inaccurate, please contact us immediately.

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