Remember when you were a kid, you thought that you can do everything, you were superman and you were full of dreams? It is amazing how we are born with natural instincts to success. Today’s post is from Adriano Leszkowicz my business partner. He has 3 amazing kids, and he wants to talk about:

Tip for success7 lessons of success that I learned from my children:

1. The mirror Rule – I learned this from my 8 months baby, David …. whenever I put him in front of the mirror he starts laughing … guess what happens? You are right, The baby in the mirror laughs back. Tip for Success: Laugh to the universe, and the universe will laugh back with you 2. You can be whatever you want to be –  Yesterday my oldest daughter, Shai-li, say she wants to be a veterinarian. The day before yesterday she wanted to be a teacher and a few days before that a dancer, a singer, and so on.. It is obvious to her that she can do it. Tip for success – You can be anything you want 3. Fight for your rights – It is easier to say no to an adult than it is to say no to my children. Have you ever thought why? Because a child has not ‘learned’ to give up the things he wants. Are you often giving up the things you deserved? Tip for success Winner never quit , quitters never win 4. Live the Moment – My daughters are never tired when it comes to party , play and so on ….. I tried to explain that they have to go to sleep early for school the next day… The next day? Tomorrow we will think about it. Tip for success: Concentrate on today, live the moment and have fun. 5. Never give up – Have you seen a baby to learn how to walk? How many times he falls until he learn? Did he quit? It’s amazing how we, the adults, give up so easily. Many people want to succeed, but are afraid to take chances and make mistakes. Success tip : You need to take some risk to create something new in your life, and yes you probably going to miss sometimes. 6. Learn from your success – A few days ago David had his first crawl. You know what he did immediately after that? Repeated what he has done. Tip for success : After making mistakes several times, and you finally get it right, then just keep doing more of it to create a bigger success. 7.   Don’t be afraid to ask – My daughter for some time wanted a dog, I said no. She asked again, and again, and a few days later, she asked again, and again … until, guess what? ? … I bought a dog. Tip for success: Do not be afraid to ask , worst case you’ll hear a no, it just means not now. Ask again later  

A final thought …

We receive what we give ….. among several titles that I have already received in my life, there was one that really touched me in particular way. The other day my daughter gave me a medal: “To the best dad in the world!”. This is for me the best proof of success that I could ever wanted! To your success, Adriano             Connect with Adriano on Facebook     PS: I dedicate this article to my dear parents. Now Iknow how hard it was for you to create me lol PS2: If you learned something from this post, click the share button. The world may be better if we learn from children (instead of trying to teach them). And now we want to learn from you. Please leave a comment below telling what you learned from your kids?     picture copyright – my daughter, Lia. she is amazing, isn’t she ?
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