There is only one reason that people will join you in your business opportunity! Do you have any idea what is?? And no, I don’t mean that you are going to use Benjamin Franklin slogan “Join my business, or Die” sort of threat. First published in 1754, this cartoon is often sited as the first America political cartoon, and a symbol of freedom and democracy. Let me tell you a short story that happened in my business that can really help you to find it out. Once upon a time.. There was a really-hungry-full-of-energy distributor in my downline, let’s call him John (fake name). So, John was really a great guy, was working very hard, talking to a lot of people but couldn’t enroll anyone (imagine you being John, as chances are this is happening to you or somewhere in your business too). In order to help him, I started to make some 3-way calls with John and BOOM, we enroll the 1st one, then one more, then one more. Let’s think about that for a minute. John and I are both at the same company, we have the same products, same compensation plan, same everything, but when John talks to someone, nothing happens. When I Talk to the same prospect, he enrolls! Did you get it?? So what is the difference?? Exactly!! The difference is John!! (E.g. You!!) John was talking about the wonderful products with the wonderful company founded by Mr. Wonderful, but actually people don’t care about it. I had my leader posture and showed John’s prospects how our team will help them to achieve their goals! Now, stick this in your brain:
People don’t want to join your MLM business. People want to follow a leader that can show them how to be successful.
There is only one reason people will join your business and that’s reason is:

why people join your mlm

Once you understand this, it will create a real breakthrough in your business, as you will know exactly what you need to do now! People want to find a real LEADER who can actually show them exactly how to overcome their challenges and get results. Those are the 2 reasons people are going to join you:
  • They either see you as a leader who can help move them closer to their goals
  • you have a marketing system, skills, or knowledge…that will help them make money.
When you know how to do BOTH of those things…people will literally be sucked to you like you’re a marketing magnet. When you have knowledge like we teach here and on our team… you have serious advantages over 99.9% of the other network marketers out there… This is what is called Attraction Marketing and we want to be sure that you understand this concept before moving forward together. So we’ve put together some free videos for YOU!

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Now, what will be easier for you? Keep doing what you are doing and keep struggling, or learn how to attract people like a magnet to your business? Well, if you are like all the smart networkers, I bet that you pick the second option because there is actually no other option (unless you want to starve to death). After you watch the first free video, gimme a call so I can start to help you move forward. To Your Success, Hezi Hershkovitz hezi hershkovitz Join me on my Facebook Page: Hezi on Facebook Follow me on Twitter: Hezi on Twitter PS: Feel Free to share these FREE videos with the leaders in your team. The link is ==>
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