If you implement Brian Tracy 1000% Formula in ten years you will earn 100 times more than what you earn today. Have you ever imagined being able to earn so much more than what you are making today? Then continue reading and realize how simple is this idea.

1000% FormulaWho is Brian Tracy, and why should you listen to his 1000% Formula idea

Brian Tracy is a well known personal development guru, author of best selling self help books, and a motivational speaker. Since 1980 He has helped many thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professional fulfill their potential and achieve success in their business. From all his works, my favorite piece is the 1000% Formula, which is a short 10 minutes video that sums up what it takes to achieve financial success in life. Implement the 1000% Formula together with my “How To Build Wealth Online” post, and in 10 years you will find yourself  in a completely different place. Guaranteed :) Brian Tracy shares about the time when he looked at his tax return with an income of $14,400 and thinking how he could make it grow. After 12 years, Tracy was actually able to do just this, increasing his income by a 100 times. Filing for his tax return, the figure then became $1,404,000. This is where the “1000% Formula” came to be. Brian Tracy says that you should start out by making incremental improvement on a daily basis because in the long run, you will see big changes. You may start with as little as a 0.1% increase, in terms of your daily productivity rate. Once you get started and finally get the hang of it, you will see that following this rule becomes easier and easier. In the end, you will end up working harder, for longer periods of time, and at earlier hours.

Here are some of Brian Tracy’s tips from the 1000% Formula on how to improve daily:

  • When you wake up in the morning, see to it that you give an hour to read something motivational and uplifting. This is known as the ‘golden hour’ and it will surely prepare your mindset for the entire day.
  • Have a list of what you need to do for the day. Plan and use numbers to prioritize which tasks should be carried out first. Go on to the number 1 task and so on.
  • Try turning on an educational audio program while driving. See to it that you choose programs that add value to you and what you have in mind, right then and there; whether it’s about your goals, time management, sales, etc.
  • Constantly evaluate what you have done and ask ‘what did I do right?’ and ‘what would I do differently next time around?’ Remember to focus on the positive things.
  • Last but not the least; see to it that you treat everyone as if they are your golden customers. Look at them as your million dollar client and show how important they are to you.
I really believe that any entrepreneur should watch this video where Brian Tracy shares the 1000% Formula at least once, and then again whenever they feel a little under-motivated. It will help you reach your goals, earn more, and live life more fruitfully starting today. So, do you think that you can increase you productivity by 0.1% a-day?
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