First post in the new blog – Hooray!! I had decided not to remove the default “Hello world!” title that wordpress automatically gives the first post in each new blog, because for me it is as if this blog is being born right now and it makes me very excited. What is this blog about, and what it is purpose: I have being thinking about writing this blog for a long time, and it will reveal my personal path to success as I see it in my own life. I will include tips for whoever will stamble upon this blog from what I find interesting in life and things that I can share that I believe can make a positive change in everybody lifes if they will try to implement them in their own life. I am completely open to receive feedback from you. I will usually post stuff only after a comprehensive check of the facts, but I humbly admit that I can be wrong. Perhaps your input and our discussion will help both of us achieve our destination in life faster, so by all means don’t hesitate to comment if you feel like it. I certainly hope that what you will find in this blog will help you find whatever it is you are looking for in your life.