Moving Forward: Building My Own Brand


If you landed on this page, it means you’ve clicked a link that used to lead to My Lead System Pro (MLSP), also known as DigitalMentors. I was once a member of their program and genuinely believe in the quality of their product. They provide valuable tools and resources that can be incredibly helpful for those starting out in online marketing.

However, I have made the decision to step away from promoting external services, including MLSP. This decision doesn’t reflect negatively on MLSP or their offerings – it’s simply a shift in my professional focus.

Over the years, I’ve gained extensive knowledge and experience in this industry. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, and I’ve developed my own strategies and techniques. Instead of promoting other’s products, I want to share what I’ve learned directly with you – my readers and followers.

I believe that building your own brand, even if it takes more time and effort, is a more sustainable and fulfilling approach. While it may be tempting to promote other’s businesses, especially when they offer quality products like MLSP, it’s important to remember the value of your own brand.

Promoting others can sometimes make your own brand appear smaller, even if unintentionally. I think it’s vital to focus on your own growth, to invest time in building your brand, and to share your unique knowledge and insights.

Now, I choose to dedicate my efforts to building and improving my own services and products. I have plans and I know what I want to do. I’m excited to share my journey with you, and I look forward to helping you in your own digital marketing journey with the insights and experiences I’ve gained.

Thank you for your understanding, and I hope you continue to follow along as I focus on bringing you the best of my knowledge and experience in digital marketing.

If you’re interested in learning more about the strategies I now use in my own business, I invite you to check out my course on “New AI-Powered Marketing Mastery”. It’s a comprehensive guide that leverages the power of AI to take your digital marketing skills to the next level.