Opportunity 2024

Hi and thank you for taking the time to check this .

A good friend probably have talked with you about NL and you are excited to know more about it?

So in this short video we will give you basic info so you can make an educated decision.

Our objective here is not convince you, but give you the needed information so you can make your best decision

At the end of this short video, you will get enough info to :

(1) Understand what is NL about

and ,even most important

(2) Is this something you can benefit from it ?

So Lets start from

What is NL about

NL is a group of people that get together to join a premium membership site that offers

  1. A premium Travel Site
  2. A professional managed forex trade platform
  3. An every expanded well-constructed and ever growing e-commerce platform
  4. The most remarkable new entry in the home biz industry in the last 25 year and you and me are happy to be one of the firsts to know both in Israel and in all the world

Now lets go to most important:

Is this something you can benefit from it?

There are 2 ways you can benefit from it:

  1. As a customer and enjoying from all the benefits and offers from above.
  2. As a biz partner, be part of the expansion of NL in Israel and around the world and benefit from a generous compensation plan

In order to make this simple, we will not be able to explain all the bonuses on the compensation plan. We want to focus on only one of them .

The 2×16 forced matrix – This maybe a little bit strange for someone that is not familiar wih the industry , but is quite simple .

The person that invite you will build a 2×16 matrix and you will be able to do the same .

There are no limit on the number of friends that you can refer to NL , but since there only 2 positions at the beginning of the matrix , the 3th person is put on the second line of the matrix where there are 4 place ( 2x 2 ) after this line is also filled the next person is put on the 3th line of the matrix and so on up to 16 lines ( 2^16 , greater than 64.000 people ).

And since you are one of the 1st people to know about this , you can benefit from people that will be placed in your matrix by the person that refer you NL, and also by the person whose refers him

You will earn about $1/month per person in your matrix , whether you refer him or someone else refer and since the company just started and is expanding very fast , there is a good change that you can make a very nice monthly passive income with it

There are a lot of other bonuses , but this is what got my attention and I hope will also get yours

So for now as we promised you already have a basic idea of what is NL and if there is something for you here.

I know you still don’t have all details, but you have enough info to put yourself in one of the bellow 3 categories :

(1) Thanks , but this is not for me

(2) Sounds good , but I have some questions

(3) Sounds great , let me get in and start making money

If you choose (3) and understand the importance of getting the best position:

No matter what your choice, please send a message to the person who share this info with you and let him know in each category you want to put yourself.

How much can you earn – The NL Compensation Plan

Please see the video bellow , pay special attention to Bonus 3 Unified Bonus ( The Forced 2×16 Matrix )

=> Click here to understand the compensation plan

Or you can see it all in one page