Well, why shouldn’t I feel good if I am living my life the way that I want it to be, no boss over my head telling me what to do, and fulfilling my dreams one after the other? I talk with a lot of people every day. A typical conversation starts like this: – “Hi Hezi, How are you?” – “I feel Good! I am in Heaven!” – “Really? How come??” It is like people don’t believe that you should be happy! And if you are, then probably there is something wrong with you. Some of them might even think that you are not normal.  

What to do when you feel stuck

It is perfectly ok to feel from time to time a little depressed. We are all humans, and depression is a natural emotion. But the secret lies on whether you let the depression control you, or you are taking over the depression! Have you ever seen an actor change his emotions fast during a play. One minute he is crying, a minute later he is laughing? You have the same capability in you.  

One year ago I felt stuck in my life.

I had a nice job, money was ok, but I started to realize that my life dreams are getting further and further away from me. I knew that I needed a change, and I started building an online business. I just knew that all I need is a few thousand dollars a month, and I will get my time freedom that I really want. What would a few thousands dollars a month do to your life? Will it help you fulfill a dream or two? Maybe it will allow you to take you wife and kids to the trip that you always wanted. Maybe it will allow you to feel less stressed with money, bring a little calm into your life. And maybe, just like me, it will give you the time freedom that you always wanted, that you are dreaming about.  

I can help you with that!

It is critical that you understand that it is totally achievable. I did it, and I am sure that you can do it too. Contact me as soon as you can, and lets start working together on achieving your goals and dreams. But make sure that you watch the following video till the end. Listen to the word, and sing along with it, because you are entitled to feel good as well.   The change starts within you To Your Success Hezi hezi hershkovitz Join me on my Facebook Page: Hezi on Facebook Follow me on Twitter: Hezi on Twitter. Skype: hezi.h