DSDomination FAQ

  The following 2 documents can probably answer a lot of your questions:      

Aren’t the Ebay customers pissed off when they find out that you just send them product from Amazon?

No. Ebay sellers doing this method usually have +99% positive feedback, this is because they are using Amazon as a source, which a reliable site, so the end customer gets what he wants on time with no issues. Customers are maybe not aware or don’t care that they could have got the same product on Amazon for less. They paid to get the product, and they got the product on time, so they are happy.

How can I earn money from $20/month?

The $20/month for the PRO is just the first product of DSDomination. It will allow you do make money online in a simple copy-paste process. For some, it might be the first time they will ever make money online, this is because this process is so simple and doesn’t involve recruiting or require any complex skills as building websites, marketing, etc. Once people make money with the PRO training, they naturally upgarde to the ELITE ($100/month), UNLEASHED ($249 one time) & MONOPOLY ($499 one time) and you will get commissions for that according to the compensation plan: Level 1 – 50% Level 2 – 10% Level 3 – 5% Level 4 – 3% Level 5 – 2% Level 6 through 10 – 1% Please refer to the compensation plan document to discover the full potential of earning

Aren’t we competing against each other?

Ebay has hundreds of millions of products listed, and so does Amazon. In addition, on the more advanced training (ELITE, UNLEASHED & MONOPOLY) you will learn of additional drop shipping sites that you can exploit. The market is enormous, and continue to grow everyday as more and more people buy online.

How do we get paid?

DSDomination is using a payment processor callet iPayout.

Is it legit/legal?

Yes, drop shipping is a completely legit and legal by both Amazon and Ebay. In fact this method has been used for years by many to generate millions of dollars. The sooner you join, the sooner you will be able to exploit it yourself and make money using this simple copy paste process too.

Aren’t people going to cancel the PRO membership once they learn the technique inside the PRO?

There are several reasons why they are not going to do so. Even PRO members will get access to unique software that will automate the process of listing in Ebay, and will give recommendations on the products that are currently “hot”. In addition, members in DSDomination community help each other with tips and tricks on what is working now. Being in the community is part of what is needed to succeed using this method. Lastly, members of DSDomination can become affiliate, share the training and earn even more money as a result.

I don’t have $20 to join, what can I do?

You don’t have $20? Seriously? Members that follow what they learn in the PRO training and implement it, get back the initial membership fee in profits from their ebay sales in a matter of a week if not hours. DSDomination PRO training is the best investment that you can have on yourself. If you don’t have $20, sell your TV, do a yard sale, borrow $20… As long as it is legal, find $20 and join so you can start making money from what you learn.Nevertheless, there is another option. A “loophole” inside DSD that will allow you to join FREE!
  1. Go here and and join DSD at PRO version for free (you go to Signup, create account, but dont finish paying for Pro).
  2. Then log in..You will get a welcome email with your username and password.
  3. Do the cashout offers to make the money quickly. You can make about 30 bucks in 10 mins!
  4. Now that you have earned the money, you can purchase Pro or purchase Elite or whatever else – YOU CAN EVEN USE THIS TO BUY LEADS/TRAFFIC!!.

Hezi, what will happen after I join?

Once you join my team I will work with you and show exactly what I have done so you will be able to replicate my results with DSD (I have mode over $100 in 2 weeks with eBay alone, no sponsoring). As part of our team you will have access to special marketing training and tools, and to our secret FB group where we share tips and tricks.


  If you still have questions that you didn’t get answers for, contact me and I will answer you, usually  within 1 day. To Your Success, Hezi “I am here to help you” Hershkovitz Skype: hezi.h http://fb.com/hhezi    hezi

Disclaimer: As with everything in life, there are absolutely no guarantees of income with DSD. We do not know if you will make a dime. Common sense tells us all, you get out of life what you put into it. Rippln is no di!erent. If you put in no energy, no effort, and no action… you will get nothing back. That’s being said, DSD is an extraordinary opportunity to start earning money is a very simple and easy way. There are no guarantees in business, but DSD is as close as you can get. If it makes sense to you, join, and I will do my best to help you get the same results as I did.